Thursday 18 January 2024

Snow Day

 I was feeling skeptical we'd get any, even given the forecasts. Plus, the horses are shedding a bit, which means spring is coming in my world. But, it happened! A nice change after all the rain. 

Look! No mud!

Pony cottage's first winter. Building such things myself brings late night worry and googling to triple check whether I did a good enough job designing and building to withstand things like wind and snow loads. It's overbuilt if anything, but still, it's built by *me* and I know me and I don't think I'm a qualified contractor, lol. So far, so good though ;)

We were snowed in yesterday morning. The only downside to working from home is that despite everything being closed due to road conditions, I could and did still work. While I didn't get a real snow day to enjoy like the school kids did, I did sneak out for a couple of hours mid afternoon. 

Hi Sophie!

It was already melt-y by then but I did my best to commemorate Buck and Reggie's first snow day by bring the 'nice' camera. Spoiler alert, my efforts at nice photos were for nothing because it turned dark and grey and started raining and no one was feeling my vision. 

Reggie tried

As did this one. They crack me up because they *really* want to be around us and try to entice us to play with them, but also they are aware of boundaries. So you get two ponies running and wrestling about 10 feet from you all day. 

They wanted to wrestle and play bitey face all day rather than my vision of them running across the sunset on a snowy landscape. We all knew it was never going to happen lol. Boys! :)

Even Sophie was full of awkward pony model poses this day lol

I have about a million variations of this picture at this point. Reggie always starts it, Buck finishes it, usually by just slamming into him and knocking him over lol. I forgot how rough colts are with each other, but also it's incredible how gentle they actually are...the only evidence of their non stop games is that they're both usually covered in filth and slobber from the other :)

Here I am feeling guilty we've only got about an acre of space for them to run on in the winter, meanwhile they all prefer to just run in tiny circles around the clump of trees to Sophie's left as a main form of exercise. I have no idea why that is the game. I think the goal is to be fastest so I think Buck is actually 'winning', he's pretty handy around those turns. Sophie does dolphin moves or big pirouettes (pictured), Reggie is just all legs and chaos.

She loves digging and throwing things around, so is pretty in to snow days for that reason This year she's added picking up the chunks of ice we take off her water trough and either eating them or throwing them around.

Still a little daylight @ 5:15. The days are getting longer!

Every angle is an awkward angle right now. One of the highlights of my day is being met at this gate by these two little faces though <3
They all just have the happiest, friendliest, playful personalities. I'm pretty sure something went wrong at the factory and I've been given Labrador retrievers shaped like ponies. 



  1. How beautiful!! I'm glad you got a break from the mud!

  2. We have ben getting a bit of snow here, which I don't mind. I am very glad we haven't had the cold temps like Alberta!

  3. Horses in snow- beautiful! The pony cottage looked especially lovely.