Tuesday 27 February 2024

Weekly Happenings

 It's been about forever since a Bridget update! You'll remember she's with riding friends across town. I get very regular updates and ride with her new family every now and then, so in my mind she's always right here and good, but then I never actually give the blog proof of life.

Her little girl loves her and they make the perfect pair. Also B may or may not have found herself a new friend.

Meet the new friend, same as the old friend

Kidding, that's not Sophie...but he is definitely her twin and I find it pretty cute. I suspect he keeps much healthier boundaries than B and S did though (the fact he's sleeping peacefully next to her rather than jumping on her is my first clue lol)

The weather has still been unpredictable, but we've had some surprisingly nice breaks. Everyone gets a spa day when the sun shines, because I can't even with their winter coats this year and my lack of blanketing. They just get so gross in the constant rain and mud and being hairy ponies I've yet to find a brush that actually gets down to the skin. The no clipping or blanketing thing is not an experiment I'm eager to repeat.

Is shiny underneath it all. This guy always has little horse proportions, no awkward baby legs. I'm wondering if he's going to trend to the Bridget corgi pony end of the spectrum with the bigger body and shorter pony legs. He is an absolute sweetheart, I keep waiting for him to start being a boy but I feel like this guy would be one of those ones that was a stallion and you just wouldn't know, the whole bitey face, testing boundaries, showing off thing his 'brother' has going on is not in this guy's vocabulary at all. (but they are both getting gelded this spring, don't worry!)

remains completely awkward and his goofy personality only adds to it. We could blame it on the photo angle but really this is his current best angle. In motion is still one of the nicer moving cobs I've seen, so I'm holding out hope ;) 

the regular state of them (and their house) every morning. They are not tidy creatures.

Sophie's been enjoying green grass along with returning to some lighter riding. So far so good, the new girth maybe helps? Don't want to say too much and jinx anything!

is fuzzy

I've been pretty busy with work, but it's good. This is the time of year I work more in order to take more time off when the weather turns nicer so it's all part of the plan! 

Property wise, the to do list remains endless. The neighbours on one side have taken the initiative to build themselves a new fence, which is fantastic but also means we've been busy pulling out the ancient page wire disaster beside it that got left on 'our' side. At this point it's buried about a foot under ground and woven through several trees due to 40 years of neglect. I'll be happy to have it tidied up.

I had a 'genius' moment of raiding the scrap/dump pile for some old pallets and wood and bricks and made the ugliest arena drag. We have a proper harrow, but I really needed something to level the base back out without disturbing what's been compacted,

it worked shockingly well. Fingers crossed a few more times levelling and compacting and then we'll bring in some sand before summer.

Finally, an appreciation post for our cat, who does whatever he can to slow productivity

'Stop typing and admire me!'




  1. I mean, if I looked like that cat I’d be demanding nonstop admiration and attention too LOL

    1. The joke of it all is he is SO SOFT and fluffy and chatty and friendly seeming but it's all just a trap and he declines to be petted - I think he just wants to sit here and complain to my face about his food bowl and other grievances in which we don't appreciate and admire him as we should :D

  2. I ❤️ the picture of the two boys together in their house. How cute are they?

  3. So glad to hear and see that Bridget is enjoying her new situation. Wonderful for everyone involved. And the cat photo is hilarious- love it!