Thursday 4 January 2024

photo catch up

 I actually took quite a few pictures in December, then for whatever reason didn't put them in a blog post (or on social media - I really need to get more consistent with that!)

Here's the purge, so they are not forever lost in the vault, and we can start the new year all caught up.

He's got a lovely trot and canter, but we never see the walk ;)

The chaos twins, even Sophie can't keep up right now.

I hid some solar lanterns in the trees last summer and they make me happy on early winter nights.

The face when you're not sure about being left tied

we got the blanket on eventually, but it's a bit too big to wear.

We had an absurdly warm and rainy December. The grass really was neon green (and growing)

everything in their mouths atm

Asking for scratches

Has been surprisingly good and non distracted by the chaos twins. Reggie was throwing buckets against their house this day, making satisfyingly loud and unsettling noises to scare Buck with (and Sophie and I to ride with)

Sophie had a glow (and dapples)

One of these creatures is way more chaotic than the other. Hi Reggie, lol



  1. Great photos as usual! All your horses are young and provide lots of opportunities for fun action shots. They will make wonderful memories no doubt.

  2. lol at the throwing of buckets. You should get them a jolly ball and take photos of the shenanigans.