Tuesday 2 January 2024

looking forward

So, this past year...happened. I was stuck in a rut and needed to make some changes. Then I hurt myself and those changes felt like they needed to happen sooner rather than later. And reliable me, who loves a routine and predictability, made a few uncharacteristic YOLO type decisions. The fun thing is, once I got over the initial feelings of change itself being uncomfortable, my decisions felt all sorts of right. The long term plan is easy to imagine and something I’m excited for again. The short term plan for 2024 feels manageable and fun. I think I did OK.

Plus, they were cute decisions

This is where I should set out a show and clinic schedule and impress you with my goals and dedication (or imagination ;)). I DO have an aspirational schedule filed away and some lessons planned, but I'm going to let that come as it may. I'm in a good place mentally, and past experience has taught me that pushing too hard to hit certain goals or benchmarks takes the enjoyment right out of thing. 

The current fluff level is kind of misleading, but also who would have had elegant baby Sophie maturing to be wider and bigger than Bridget on their bingo cards? She's 7 and I feel like all the filling out only came this past year.

The boys are getting gelded early spring and then I'll have some more options for them. I don't have any big things planned, just want to see them run around and play and grow up well. While I am intrigued by breed shows, I can't justify taking them for a multi travel day trip to go to one. I’ll get them out to some local events so they can see the world a little, but it's going to be super low key. I definitely have some plans for the pair of them, but those won’t be 2024 (or even 2025) happenings. 

Chaos level 10/10

I feel like I say this every year, but I’d be better served saving my money for regular trips to one riding coach than attending the variety of local clinics and events. I say this and then I get sucked in because it’s so darn easy to just trailer down the road to whoever’s here, especially when they’re more than qualified to teach us. Our club events committee works hard to organize those opportunities and I feel guilty if I go my own direction and don't support their efforts. That being said, I think that I would be better to have consistency with one person moving forward, so that’s my plan for further learning this year.

Sophie would just like more chin scratches in 2024

As far as really tangible things on the to do list - finishing the riding ring and moving into the house are the two big ones. We're also exploring some bigger plans surrounding relocating at least part of the year, and I want to incorporate a plan for the horses and continued riding in that. I suspect that's one of those things that's going to feel like A Really Big Deal to organize and research, but once we actually are in a routine of doing it, it won't be too much of a thing. On a more emotional level, keeping a focused and positive mindset about riding and related goals is the biggest priority. I'm way too hard on myself.



  1. Such adorable decisions!! I'm looking forward to reading about your continued projects, the things you DIY so well amaze me.

  2. Your *goals* sound lovely. No pressure but the ability to enjoy things as they come along.

  3. I'm always such a sucker for a clinic, but I've come to the same realization as you, consistency is key. If you can find consistent, good training - I think that's worth more than its weight in clinics.

  4. Sounds like a good plan! I think you are right on the money about consistency of instruction. It is so easy to go down rabbit holes endlessly...