Wednesday 4 October 2023

Pony Cottage

After years of owning mares, somehow we’ve got two (soon to be) geldings incoming. I know there are plenty of people who have mixed herds. That’s obviously the longer term plan, but I don’t have faith Sophie is going to agree it’s a great idea.  Long story short, at a minimum we needed a bachelor pad where the boys can grow up. We considered more temporary solutions before finally deciding on something permanent.

Iteration 1.0. Slightly too temporary.

By the time we finally had the last construction quote and felt like we’d explored options properly, we had two months until pony arrival. Time was ticking! So, plot twist. Yours truly was going to have to build it because with all the delays we were looking at spring 2024 for contractor availability. Since I’m the person acquiring ponies and needing another shelter, it seemed fitting that I was going to have to do the time for the crime.

I’ve never been averse to a good DIY project, but really home handyperson things are not my full time job, or honestly, even much of an interest. I do it because it's satisfying to make things exactly how I want and also save money. I've yet to meet a horsey person who doesn't have at least some opinions on barn design and functionality and how to save money (in order to purchase more horsey things, obviously). I am one of them, so take my normal level of wanting things exactly how I want them and add in horses and the obsession level gets crazy and everyone but me probably guessed this would be the outcome. 

Anyway, I literally needed a 3 sided shed. That was the plan. Inexpensive, simple to build, and did I mention I feel like I don't have time for anything right now? Or have long term plans of needing two separate pony buildings?  A shed made sense.

So, I put in the footings for said pony shed. And tried not to mind the fact that every time I drove down the driveway I was going to be looking at the side of a somewhat industrial looking shed that in no way would compliment the 1920's cottage sitting right there in front it of. I went to the nursery and bought some nice shrubs and hedging to screen said offensive shed. Problem solved.

But the rebellion continued to slowly progress. Maybe I could add siding matching the house on the driveway side? A little window originally belonging the house followed, which of course needed to be trimmed to match the house window frames. What if the shed had a peaked roof instead? Actually, what if it had the same proportions as the house? Wait! What if it didn't look like a horse shelter at all and instead looked like a garden shed or outbuilding for the house? 

Lol, so here we are. The Pony Cottage is a thing. It's not complete, but it's usable and that's all I need this winter :)

The shingles and trim were two days of my life I won't get back but also now it matches the house and that's satisfying enough to be worth it. The old concrete sink in front was a pony feeder in this paddock for years but is now going to be a planter. I'll take updated pictures (on a not so gloomy and wet day) when the landscaping and finishing touches are done. 

I have rubber mats on order and obviously the tools, ladder, etc need to find a new home. I left it open on both of the non weather sides as they're coincidentally they are also the sides that give clear views of all the horsey areas. This matters to the Sophies of the world who can relax and use the shelter only if they can also see what they want to see :)

A tiny loft. Bookmarked for pony blanket storage etc. Unfinished because long term...the pony cottage is likely going to transition to T's Remote Work Cottage. I've got plans for walls of windows on the two open sides and a little ladder to an open loft space...thinking a nice little book reading hideaway up here.



  1. This is really, really cute. I love the side with doors, shingles, and the trough as a planter. If you're going to look at it, it might as well be charming!

    1. It's a tiny version of the house, which I am willing to admit is kind of weird/OTT but also I love it.

  2. Replies
    1. I can't wait to drive in the driveway and see pony faces in there

  3. I love it! You should be really happy with that, and you'll be glad you didn't have a contractor building something plain instead. I'm impressed with your skills.

    1. Thank you. Yes, didn't get the feeling the contractors were understanding my crazy vision

  4. I would like to transplant Pony Cottage onto our farm and live in it please

    1. <3 I kind of think it might be a fun little hideaway for humans too. We're contemplating a studio guest space or office once it's done it's duty as the pony shelter.

  5. Replies
    1. So over the top for what it was supposed to be lol