Thursday 26 October 2023


I've gone totally and completely obsessed with our new additions. I just love them. I'm probably scaring them with my crazy horse lady energy, and no doubt I'll scare you with the amount of 'cute baby pony' media I'm collecting.

Ponies incoming! How was this almost two weeks ago already!

We're coming up to a week sans Bridget and I have to say that as much as I miss her, the vibe around the place is so much more relaxed and easy. That sounds crazy, because B is by definition a pretty relaxed and easy horse and Sophie plus two weanlings should be a recipe for chaos. But, B is also always permanently 'starving' and food competitive and I never did find a satisfactory way of slowing her down enough to make her meals last longer than a few hours (or get her body condition down past a 6). Sophie, on the other hand, ideally has food in front of her 24/7 that she prefers to just pick at when she's hungry. The new guys also just have a large net they can eat from as they wish. Currently I just give them all small dinners mostly consisting of vitamins and minerals. There's no need to pop out there multiple times a day to feed, no one is fussed about it, feeding is kind of a non event now.

Sophie and the new guys also have much healthier relationships and so there is minimal calling or anxiety if anyone is out of sight of the others. So far everyone seems happy in their own space. 

Sophie keeping an eye on her new friends. This whole letting them out to graze thing is new and a work in progress since they're pretty sure they're feral if you show up with a halter and lead and intentions of bringing them in again.

Sophie of course is still herself and far more ridiculous, dramatic, and playful than any weanling colt could think of being. But it's good. She's happy with her new paddock neighbours and settled easily back into having her own space 24/7, and that's all I could have hoped for.

Desperately wants to go out and play with them. I have a feeling she would actually be fine with them, but she's so much bigger it's not safe. You know they're tiny when a 14.3hh GRP mare seems like an absolute giant in comparison :)

I've been riding again this week, and it's been good. Sophie's been good. She lost her brain for a while there last year...maybe we want to say it was an age thing, maybe ulcers, maybe that toxic B friendship, maybe my anxiety, who knows. But it's felt like she's really grown up this summer, both mentally and physically. I'm optimistic we're starting back on a good path and it really does feel like she just gets better and better.

looking for ghosts is always a fun activity though

Finally, back to the babies. Oh are they ever just the most fun things ever. It's so fun how they're already so much their own little personalities. Mine gives off some strong Sophie similarities where there's potential for everything to be a game or get dramatic, but with an added cocky boy vibe. Willing to push and test his opinions, but immediately back to "so sorry, I'm just a cute baby horse, please like me!' vibes every time I need to correct him. Which is daily, he's kind of a little monster at the moment, lol. I think he's going to be the one we'll get out for some adventures first, he's brave and curious and he's also the one I really feel like needs more life experience instilled before he gets big.

going to be so handsome

long legs and an awkward duckling currently :)

The belly is a thing to behold though. One consult with the vet later, he's not wormy and perhaps it is quite literally a hay belly, hopefully to be resolved as we gradually increase protein levels and hay quality for him. 

G's is still a bit reserved. I think that's just him, even watching the two little guys interact he's by far the quieter of the two and more of a think before you act type. I'm getting the feeling he's going to end up the boss of the two, he's pretty steady and self assured and not shy about pushing little Reggie out of his space when he gets too silly. I'm cracking the facade gradually. He loves being groomed so that might be my way in. He does all the things, but also I feel like he might just be internalizing it all, so I'm being very careful to go slowly and not take advantage and give him tons of positive encouragement every time he does a thing. He's still a little worried about G whereas mine thinks G is the best thing ever and I'm the mean enforcer lady. I joke we need to trade, our ponies have chosen differently than us :)
Is a little tank

I hadn't actually seen him move before we bought him, he's really correct and cute. (The breeder is fantastic so I took her word for it :)

Pic from G this morning. About sums it up, mine's like "No worries, just napping" and G's is ready to step away if he gets closer too quickly.



  1. Not gonna lie, I have an obsessive (compulsive? BOTH?!) urge to throw food in front of hungry begging horses, and legit get anxiety when horses seem unsettled for lack of food. And this is why I have thoroughbreds LOL, including the 14yo gargantuan whom I’ve teetered toward obesity in his years with me (oops). So. In other words. I can totally appreciate the unexpected peace you’re seeing in the barnyard now!! Glad all ponies are doing so well!!

    1. I'm still waking up in the morning "Must get to the barn! Bridget will be starving!" then I remember, and I have a relaxed coffee before I head out, get there and everyone's just...content. I love it :D

  2. OMG i love yours but have to say G's is GORGEOUS too. SO fun. And Love that Sophie is like a big sister to them already! I am pretty sure a children's book should be written about your ponies!

  3. Good news all around! I imagine you had a big grin on your face as you wrote the post!