Wednesday 11 October 2023

Countdown is On, Stress Levels Feel High

 The weekend away for the Carl Hester masterclass was great. The masterclass itself was exactly as I expected, which felt a little funny, maybe even a little deja vu. I think that means I've perhaps watched too many of the man's videos. You're not going to get a recap post dedicated to it because I don't really know what to say beyond that he was exactly as charming and insightful as you'd hope, and his eye for horse and rider is of course unbelievable. People were fawning over him exactly as you'd hope they might not, lovely and as amazing he might be :). Would recommend if you're feeling spendy and are a fan. I'm not normally spendy at all, and felt a little like my rock star fandom level was likely much lower than the average attendee, but it was the perfect excuse for a horsey girl's weekend.

Monday morning I got a very exciting text. Baby ponies are loaded and headed my way! (which in reality means as of this morning they're still 3-4 days out...but still!). And proceeded to have a panic attack over the whole entire thing. Why am I like this? I know it's a solid decision, I don't have regrets, I really am excited, but also suddenly it felt 'real' and the amount of work and coordination and things that were changing suddenly felt overwhelming.

Getting ready for their trailer ride!

Bakari is going through an awkward stage, also apparently he's coming with a catch rope because he's feeling like not being caught is fun. His cute little face though <3 I love them both so much already

Trademark is going through an even more awkward stage. Look at his little hay belly!

Shoutout to the hauler who sent pics of them being loaded, along with a little report card. (They were both excellent). He's super about being in touch and giving updates and responding to questions, which is so wonderful.

I'm feeling better about it this morning, aside from compulsively googling hauling tips for weanlings. They're arriving in Vancouver this weekend and then we've got about a 5 hour trip to get them home. Plot twist #1 is a friend has a weanling on the same trailer so he's coming home with mine too. It seemed like a great idea to rideshare but also being responsible for someone else's baby gives me anxiety.

Plot twist #2 is my husband got covid this past weekend and I was kind of counting on him for moral support (and the city driving, who am I fooling). So we might overnight them a few more days in Vancouver until he's clear. More likely we might hit up an amazing friend of mine to haul them home for us. We'll see how it goes and what the hauler's ETA is to Vancouver. You all have probably figured out how great I am at going with the flow and not having a plan (if you're new here, it's not my ideal, to put it mildly!)

I need a fast forward button on my life where we get to the part where they're here safely, B is loving her new home and Sophie's settled and neither of us have an ulcer. 

I've known about this for 6 months, so why does everything still feel like it came up so suddenly? :)



  1. they already look so grown up!!! good luck getting thru the logistics logjams --- hopefully it all works out relatively smoothly!

  2. There’s nothing like the ‘oh god it’s happening, what have I done?’ Feeling. 😁 you’ve got this.

  3. Excited for you and the ponies! Hoping everything goes smoothly for you!

  4. I am confident everything will come together and work out. The panic is caused by the fact that everything suddenly feels very "real", even though you have been preparing for months.