Monday 25 September 2023

A short pause due to weather

 We're currently experiencing our first big storm of the season. The weather channel has been hyping this 'bomb cyclone' for a few days now. So far it just seems like your standard West Coast autumn wind and rain storm, and much needed as we do still have active wildfires from the hot and dry summer we had. 

At any rate, it feels like fall has arrived. Maybe an appropriate time to sit down with a cup of coffee and unapologetically stay inside and slow down a little, maybe reflect a bit on things? Unless you like feeling like you're inside a car wash, then it might be ideal outdoors for you right now. 

I'm off work Fri-Sun so I like this forecast

The pony cottage is nearly complete. I just need to put the metal roof on and add a bit more trim. That was not happening in 80km/hr winds so you'll have to wait until next week to see the completed equine abode.

So close! I want to paint my neighbour's metal shed (in the background here) all one color so badly, lol. I've told myself for 10+ years now that it's a first world problem and I'm ridiculous for caring, but I think it's time to finally just admit I can't deal and build a solid fence.

I have enough urgent items on my 'imminent pony arrival' to do list to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks (and no, that fence is not on the urgent list, lol), but the end is in sight. I am very much looking forward to slowing down a little and feeling less like deadlines are constantly looming.

I have a bunch of fun horsey things upcoming. Some of the changes that felt like they were happening months and months from now are also arriving very soon.

This coming weekend marks my last weekend to get pony property improvements done. The following weekend I'm off to Vancouver with friends to see the Carl Hester masterclass (and also hit up the farm supply stores - corner feeders, water troughs and rubber mats being my must have accessories for Fall 2023).

The weekend after that the new boys arrive, so it's back to Vancouver to pick them up! How is it all happening so quickly? I'm feeling very excited for them. Baby horses are the most fun and I love the process. It's going to feel almost like a bit of a relief to finally have them at home, too.

I don't have any current pictures of them but there's never a bad time for foal pics, right?

So little and cute!

The following week, Jody Hartstone is coming to visit us from NZ and fingers crossed the stars will align and both Sophie and I will be sound and ready to participate in a clinic. We won't be 'ready' but we'll hopefully make up for that with enthusiasm. That week is also the week Bridget goes off to her new (lease) home. I'm actually very excited for that because I think she's going to thrive there and I love to see her being appreciated.

Unscientific study concludes proximity of pony to haynet = increased likelihood of obesity. Seriously, though, this past month has been a bit of a feeding struggle with one Bridget plus one Sophie pony who needs to have food in front of her, sharing spaces 24/7. 

Then, phew, it will be mid October somehow. While I still have some pretty major house renos on the to do list, I'm anticipating a slower schedule and a return to a more normal routine.

At some point I need to sit down and sketch out some tentative equine related goals. 2023 is not at all what I thought it would be and I almost feel like I'm sitting here now with a blank slate. On one hand, that's pretty exciting and empowering. On the other, maybe a little scary.

Spoiler alert- all riding related plans for the foreseeable will strongly feature the Yellow Horse.

 I know in my head where I want to be (the 'big' goals do seem to stay consistent) but the path to get there got pretty muddied and complicated this year. Writing it all out helps me as far as clarity and feeling organized. We all know it won't ever go to plan, but just having a plan considered and written down seems to help me make priorities and make better decisions in aid of my bigger goals.

I think a thank you is in order for sticking with me this year and supporting me via all the very kind comments. I managed to hurt myself fairly badly and in a very boring way to start the year, then I basically set fire to all my previous equine related plans. Sophie got treated for ulcers, then her saddle didn't fit and in the meantime I went completely off script, leased Bridget out and then bought not one, but two foals. I turned this into a barn and property improvement blog for most of the summer. There's been maybe one or two lesson or clinic recaps and maybe a couple of trail adventures worth recounting here, so it's been a weird few months for an equine blog for sure. 



  1. As we work on renovating our own farm, I've loved all of your property-improvement posts for inspiration. Please don't stop! <3

    1. It's every spare minute of my life right now, so if I post blog content, property renos is what you're getting :) (but I'm kinda hoping for more horsey content SOON)

  2. Sounds busy but good and I am SO envious of the CH masterclass. Have fun!

    1. I'll report back. I feel a bit conflicted because it's really expensive, but also I've been following and watching his videos for years so I'm definitely excited to watch in person :D

  3. you got this and can get it all done! I cant wait for pony spam to come in a few weeks :) I bet they are growing up. Also the pony hut looks great. Take time for you esp if it is downpouring :) It is actually coolish here this am in NC and I had to dig through boxes to find a hoodie! :) Love when it starts getting cooler (HOWEVER it is still 90 degrees in TENN!) UGH Have fun at the MasterClass!

    1. They're probably all awkward looking but I will post so many pictures :) Hoodie weather is my favorite!

  4. I suspect many of us who read your blog can relate to seasons where all our plans go up in smoke. Instead, we find ourselves dealing with an unexpected situation or a series of them. It's part of real horse life sometimes, whether we want it to be or not. And in my book, it's all definitely equestrian blog-post worthy. Life with horses is pretty great, but it's not always butterflies and sunshine, and I actually think it's helpful for people to see that.

  5. I too am enjoying watching the farm develop. I have about the same amount of space to work with and I find it very inspiring.