Tuesday 23 May 2023

Back at it

 This past week I felt more like myself than I have in months. Husband G and I got a ton of yardwork done, I started the giant task of new exterior paint for the house, and I did a ton of hiking and riding.

She's currently looking a bit shabby

Riding included my first clinic/lesson in months. I'm happy I did it now, but I have to admit in the moment I wasn't feeling it - I was getting pretty frustrated with my body and how poorly I'm riding these days. A terrible attitude to have, when I have so much to be grateful for. I'm back now to feeling motivated to keep progressing and healing and to meet some little goals this summer. It's about 0% productive to give up or beat myself up for things that just are the way they are at the moment, so the pity party was intense but brief ;)

Trailventures to clear out the bad thoughts

Bridget was taken by surprise by being signed up for an actual work day, but was generous with her time and effort (although she was strongly opposed to not bracing through her neck and being locked in her poll on the day, I think she is due for more body work)

This level of activity is more to her liking on a hot sunny day

Is hungry. Always.

Sophie. We weren't going to talk about that because I was just going to sell her and not leave evidence online of her life of chaos. Turns out I like her too much for that, so let's discuss herdbound ponies behaving badly. Keeping her and B together was fine for a while, as they're both OK to go out alone and B is fine to stay home alone too. But recently Sophie's been having a tough time being a mare. Part of that has morphed into her being WAY too obsessed with B, and there have been some serious dramatics over me just taking B out of the paddock, let alone riding a whole 50 feet away from her. 

The busiest pony you'll ever meet

So, I've had to be the mean person and separate the two of them. I know it's so much better for them to have friends they can interact with and touch, but I think on balance the amount of stress and damage caused isn't worth it, especially when it’s so one sided and B is happy to have a fence between her and S.

Assisting in yard maintenance

Looking good tho

Sophie has lived life in her own paddock before and it’s been a benefit to everyone from a management perspective. She’s currently having a tough time transitioning back to it, but since she’s been OK with it in the past, I’m feeling like staying committed to this will eventually pay off. I'm hoping pony #3 will break the dynamic up as well. I'm obviously wanting S to thrive and if this isn’t the set up to allow that long term, we’ll of course explore options. For now, the plan remains to continue getting my riding legs back with B this summer, gradually transitioning to Sophie being the main riding pony as I get fitter and more capable. 

Sneak preview of the new house colors. The main blue/teal part of the siding is done, but I still have approx 2 billion cedar shingles and a seriously big front porch to stain before I can cross this project off the list.

Happy ponies

A little slow on the camera, but there were about 8 ravens loudly admiring themselves in the arena mirrors and generally being chatty and chaotic. Sophie approved as these are also activities she likes to partake in.



  1. B laying down eating flowers belongs in a calendar! My baby horse and I are going through some herd bound struggles as well and I also wonder how much to share online. But then again people should have realistic expectations of young horses!

    1. I sometimes think about filtering it, but agree with your comment - at the end of the day they're horses and they do unexpected or undesirable things from time to time, especially when they're younger. Anyone shopping who would be the right fit should be able to look at a blog and just see reality. You just reminded me though, baby Bridget went through a brief bucking stage in the canter transition until she figured her feet out. i was open about that. Years later someone commented how she's got a bucking problem, like I've been hiding it ever since. Oh well, guess I'll have to keep her ;)

  2. You are out there doing the thing, and that's what matters.
    Love the blue house!

  3. Great pictures as usual! Glad you are feeling better and able to be more active. As I think you already know, I totally commiserate with the "two backyard ponies becoming herd bound" issue, even though my two are senior horses and not youngsters. It's no fun for anyone- that's for sure.