Thursday 11 May 2023

May Photo Dump

Not much to say around here - suddenly everything is fresh and green (ponies included). With the long daylight hours, I'm able to ride most days. Work in the yard and on the house has resumed full force and we've got what feels like endless appointments with assorted contractors for all the things. I keep meaning to blog about horsey things, but I'm feeling a little superstitious about stating my plans and how well everything is going, because well, the track record when I do that is not good of late :)

So, I thought I'd just post all the photos I've been taking with the intent of putting them on social media or updating here and then just not. (Spoiler alert, no foal pics this week - I have the world's cutest video but it's long and I'll have to figure out how to edit and load it next time)

S's mind blown that we could ride on the grass...although in retrospect not a wise thing since now she thinks we should just leave the ring and go visit B.

most boring rides ever = the plan for now

brought the fancy camera that one day, B is moving past most boring rides ever and is fit enough to do a little more now

G is not a fan of having his picture on my blog, but how can I not show how cute they are? Sophie just loves him and would probably stand there all day getting scratches.

tried to make it unobtrusive, but the electric fence squares around the house (and frequent ponies in the front yard) probably give away my horse crazy status

She just can't wait to go for a ride?

B's a fan of riding on grass too

that time B got stuck in a box

yep definitely no getting out without help

looking good tho

shh, don't tell anyone

sunshine-y neighbourhood rides



  1. Great photos! Bridget and you look amazing!! I'm amazed at how uphill and light in the hand she looks especially given that I know you guys had a long stretch of having to take it easy, well done!

    1. She's always been shockingly sporty for a potato pony who looks really 'meh' standing still. I have to say she's even surprising me with how good she feels right now...I have a post forming in my brain about how months of walking with a purpose, really focusing on being straight and balanced have helped us both immensely. Going to cross my fingers hard and keep doing everything we've been doing

    2. Oh, and THANK YOU! I never like posting riding pics, but I felt like I really wanted to share how good she looks at the moment :)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm absolutely loving having them at home. I think I'll always wish for more space, but it's so nice to ride whenever I want to and look after our own place rather than someone else's

  3. Enjoyed your photo dump here- Always good to see folks enjoying their ponies! Mums the word on the scheduled clinic . . . Shhhh.

  4. Lovely photos. Sophie looks taller than B now. Both look like they are going great.

    1. She's way taller these days! I think a full hand, crazy to think she was so tiny when I got her

  5. I like your dump of photos. It looks like everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and coming along nicely.