Monday 1 May 2023

Week in Review

 Part of me is sorry I’m back to the weekly updates - it’s kind of an unexciting way to keep this page active. 

The other part of me is just super happy to back to what feels normal!

Trademark is almost a month old! Teresa suggested Logo as a barn name and I like it.

I’ve been doing well keeping Bridget lightly active and researching and implementing useful exercises for her. I think she’s feeling the best she has in years and I’m getting itchy to step it up further. 

Slandering pony for her fitness but I definitely look like the out of shape one here

But, I’m also a little nervous of pushing too hard, so I think I’m going to keep erring on the side of being super cautious. Hopefully we’ll get back to a reasonable fitness level at some point, but realistically, B’s best is Sophie’s baseline just from existing. I did two canter circles the other night and poor B was huffing and puffing.  I’m aware from our showing days that attempting to keep B ideally fit is a huge time commitment in itself and by far my biggest challenge with any Bridget related goals. This isn’t a knock on Welsh Cobs, either…it’s definitely a Bridget specific thing...she's very much a couch potato if left to her own devices.

Potato pony ready to transport potato rider :D

Sophie’s still permanently in heat this spring, so I’ve got some things on order to try. She’s not horrible about it, thankfully, but I’d love to give her a break from her hormones. 

My newly rebuilt fence, and Sophie looking longingly for her boyfriend. My best horsey friend lives across the road, and that's where we boarded the winter before last. Sophie has not forgotten her crush on Quincy the handsome chestnut gelding.

She’s turning 7 in a few days, which seems absolutely crazy. She’s also finally looking like a mature pony/hony, and I think looking the best she ever has. I’ve definitely had some ups and downs as far as feeding her, so it’s nice to see her looking so well coming out of winter. I’m still being somewhat cautious and tire a lot more easily than normal so to be honest riding her is simply not my priority at this point. If I do, great, if I don’t, that’s OK too for now. I hopped on a couple of times this week for short walk/trot rides and she accompanied Bridget and I on a short hack once. Otherwise she's been hanging out looking pretty :)

In daily life, I hit my hiking/walking goals in April (20hrs/75km for the month). That’s not a crazy goal, but it marks a return to a normal (for me) level of work day lunch break activity and I’m very happy with that.

I’ve been a very busy person this week. I built fences, stained fences, planted gardens, got the grass mowed. I got a few questions about mowing the pony fields rather than leaving it for the ponies to eat. I’m no expert, but I feel like giving them one good mow early in spring and late in fall helps the grass grow better and keeps the weeds from starting. 

Loving morning grazing and growing grass after a rainy and very cold spring.

I found time to audit a riding clinic on Saturday and got tons of good polework exercises and tips to practice at home. I can’t wait to be able to ride in clinics again. This was one of the regular ones I'd normally be excited to participate in so it sucked a little to be sidelined. Soon, I hope.

Trying it out at home

 In other interesting news, we’re committing to building a new barn/garage this summer so I’ve been meeting with the builders. I can add drafting plans for construction and permits to my to do list this week. Somehow that really makes it feel like it's happening, also it's feeling a little like I've gone from zero to over capacity this past month! 

House renos haven't been forgotten either. I had to put it all on hold for a bit there, but lets hope we're moved in by summer.

The camellia is now a tree growing over the roof and I want to leave it, so repairing and staining siding has been voted my job lol. 



  1. That camellia is GORGEOUS! I'm glad you were still able to audit the clinic, but totally feel the disappointment of sitting one out that you had planned on riding in.

    1. Silver lining was I went home and immediately practiced all the exercises because I think realistically I learn/retain things better by watching, but it really is so much more fun to ride!

  2. Replies
    1. Always so busy, but busy is my happy place

  3. Happy to hear you are recovering some strength! The barn name Brando would be my suggestion for Trademark.
    Brand. Randy. Lots of options there. He is a firecracker!

    1. I really like Brando too! It certainly fits with Bridget and Sophie.

  4. Ha, ha! From Trademark to Logo. I like it. I think I know what you mean about the auditing. Watching a clinic is fun and informative, but at the same time, it totally makes me upset that I am not the one riding! Looks like you are making good use of all those poles out there in your arena. It's almost as fun to design a pole pattern as it is to ride it. :-)

    1. I'm having so much fun setting up new little pole challenges every weekend!

  5. I love the barn name Logo. It sounds like things are moving along as they should. Listen to your body, and you will keep on making progress. Keeping up the blog shows how far you really have come.

    1. I feel pretty normal now, so it feels weird to still have to go to medical appointments and make physio plans. Denial seems to be a go to place for me, lol....but also keeping busy and focusing on the good progress I think makes everything far more easily attainable.