Wednesday 19 September 2018

The Horse You Bought

Thank you to Cathryn at Two and a Half Horses for more blogging inspiration!

This blog hop came along with pretty great timing, because facebook reminded me this morning that it's been 4 years since we brought Bridget home!

The horse I bought was not the horse I wanted to buy.

My wish list:

- 15 -16-ish hand been there done that, capable of jumping 2'6ish course and packing me around safely. Solid on trails. Solid basic flatwork. Nice enough for regional showing jumping/eventing, but doesn't have to win. Safe enough for G to handle on his own if needed. Could be older, provided no major vet issues.

What I bought:

A Bridget!

Turns out, what I really just wanted was SAFE. I was visiting Ginger's breeder to look at another horse, and ended up hopping on too young/too small/not trained Bridget, and liking her, even though the steering was non existent, she didn't wear a bridle, and trot was her fastest gear. When I found out she'd only had a few rides before I trail rode her all over the country side I was even more impressed with what a great mind she has.

Sept 2014. She was not a fan of contact or forward. Still isn't TBH, but it's pretty solid now.
I actually still didn't commit for a couple of months, because a super green pony was definitely not on my wish list, but I eventually ended up buying her, with the thought that worst case I could put a ton of trail miles on her and gain confidence for us both, and always resell once I found the 'right' horse. But, here we are 4 years later!

Navigating poles for the first time, fall 2014
First flat clinic, winter 2015

First xc clinic, spring 2016

There have been many great adventures along the way. Who would of thought that lazy pony would turn into my original wish list horse and then some? (albeit at 14hh a little shorter than planned!)
First event, 2016

Dressage show, 2017

XC camp, 2017

Lesson learned - the right temperament is far more important than training, at least for me.

Chillin' at the lake, summer 2018



  1. agreed 1000% about the value of a solid temperament -- there are simply some things that can't be trained!! Bridget is such a star <3

    1. She's made my riding life about 1000% more fun :)

  2. She's such a good girl! I agree completely re: temperament. It will be a big deciding factor in any future horses in my life.

    1. Especially as I get older, it's less and less often that 'exciting' or 'fun' horses fit my definition of a good riding experience for myself.

  3. love her! She is adorable! Love her story too on how you got her :)

    1. It was so funny, I really didn't bond with or enjoy her at first - I think it wasn't until a year or two in that I was like "OK, I love you, you're basically perfect, I'll keep you" :)

  4. Temperament is definitely the most important thing. Love B!

  5. You guys have sure come a long way <3 Such a good B-pony!

  6. I love Bridget. You make me really really want a welsh cob!

    1. Honestly, in my not so wide experience, Bridget is far easier to get along with than the majority bred around here...they seem to tend to be pretty hot and silly and definitely not for everyone! I think I got lucky, although I am sure there have to be plenty more of the all around type like Bridget out there - there seem to be a few other bloggers with cobs with excellent temperaments :)

  7. So much agreement, buy the brain! Happy Bridget horseiversary <3