Tuesday 25 September 2018


I've been away for a nice getaway in the Okanagan. I don't even like wine (I know, that's crazy talk and you just lost even more respect for me) but we had a great time and spent a couple of days wine touring and just generally enjoying a lack of real world responsibilities.

Mission Hill was pretty spectacular, but my favorites to visit were the smaller wineries.
Sadly, even in the middle of our getaway, I was getting barn drama texts. It might have actually been a good thing, because I finally realized enough is enough and I can't manage everything all the time. I've made arrangements to move Sophie elsewhere. Exact date is pending, but it will probably be soon. Bridget is beating up on her a little, and the barn owner isn't too keen on Sophie having her own paddock. While I really enjoy having her at the same barn as Bridget, and having so many amenities nearby, the recent move to small winter paddocks isn't working well for Ms Sophie or the barn owner, who I'm pretty sure would love to not have Sophie being generally rambunctious and destructive! I'm also not a fan of being THAT boarder with THAT horse, so I think everyone will be happier.

Look! I even have pictures of the fields at the 'new' barn, because Ginger and Bridget were both boarded there at one point!
I'm thinking they lived there way back  in 2012- 2015, before I moved them to the lower coast where my work is.


Sophie is a good girl, she's just very babyish still. She's got a lot of energy and is easily bored, so I think she'll enjoy hanging out in a big pasture with friends to play with this winter. The new place is full board, which is money I don't want to spend, but honestly, with the days already getting shorter, one less paddock to muck and horse to feed and exercise will make my days a lot easier! The new place is pretty short on amenities like riding arenas and round pens, so I'm a bit sad that this move will put a temporary end to taking her out on the trails with Bridget or playing in the arena. However, the care is top notch, and Sophie is only 2.5 and knows all the baby horse basics - a winter off to grow up with lots of pasture and room to run might even do her some good.

Ginger hanging out at the barn, back in the day :)

They both got very round on all that pasture, which is why Bridget will not be making the move with Sophie, lol

Hopefully, I'll be back with proper riding adventure and lesson updates next week. The past couple of weeks have been super busy and while I loved having a mini vacation, I'm really looking forward to settling back into a routine of some sort and getting Sophie moved to her new all inclusive resort.

Hope they're ready for this amount of baby pony trouble :)



  1. So they will be at two different barns? That sounds difficult to balance but I am sure you can do it. Also, less drama is always good. :)

    1. For now. The full board place is VERY pricey for what it offers and I have so much hay and shavings stockpiled to use it's better if Bridget stays on self board. Fingers crossed for far less drama!

  2. Good luck with the move! Hope it goes well! Time off for the winter for a baby isn't the worst thing and having space to move around might be great for her.

    1. The more I wrap my head around it (this move was not really anticipated) the more excited I am. I think it's going to be perfect for her and eliminate a lot of my stress.

  3. I think Sophie will like it there and be ready in Spring for more training:) The place looks very nice!

  4. All crossables crossed for less drama!

  5. I don't like wine either so I can totally relate to you. Hope the move goes well for the banana pony!