Monday 10 September 2018

Even More Musing

Because apparently the poo picking pondering never ends.

- I hate screaming baby ponies. I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner, but I gave Sophie a hay net when I took Bridget away this weekend. Not a peep was made, problem solved. Such a simple solution. She is a pony after all, so of course food is more important than your best friend possibly dying and never returning  leaving for a ride ;)

"Oh hi, that awful screeching wasn't me!  I was just happily standing here! Promise!"

- After months of drought, the rain has returned. 3 days in and I'm already over it and booking winter beach vacations.
The barn here is fine...but as you can see, this barn is pretty old school and most of the stalls don't have an in/out or a window. Currently, it's still pretty warm, so they're staying out. Even in winter, I tend to leave them out with a blanket as many nights as possible as I think they're happier.
B says "Leave me out, please!" Finishing her fall cleanup of this overgrown paddock is worth getting a little damp for.

-My old mare Josie used to be terrible about getting herd bound. She couldn't be trusted to not run through fences and/or injure herself. 20 years later, nothing has changed - poor girl has navicular and still gets so worked up if her paddock neighbour leaves that she basically cripples herself from the pacing. Shes being PTS very soon, and I find it strange/sad that in all these years she never learned to cope or figured out that her buddies always come back (or that there are other pony
neighbours to make friends with!).

- I was telling G about how a person drove thru a 4 way stop on my way home. "They just half halted and kept coming!" He didn't question my use of "half halt", so either he wasn't listening, or he knows what I meant. We might officially be an old married couple.

Also, I'm 99.9% sure we've inadvertently taught the cat to pose for pictures, which pretty much screams that we're childless/ spending too much time at home ;)

-The ponies were both handfuls this weekend, but I had very little anxiety over it. I feel like a huge part of conquering my nerves was not only having the knowledge to deal with situations, but having the physical riding skills. I wasn't good enough to always handle drama before, and I knew it. So, maybe less of a confidence problem and more of a actually-my-brain-is-being-pretty-smart-about-my-chances realism? Whatever the case, a good part of my drive to be better is knowing I have a Sophie pony to train who will likely be a challenge for my skill level. I do not want to go back to being nervous!

Rainy day adventures with B this past weekend. We had a couple of nice trail rides, and an excellent dressage school.

-WEG! Who is going? Who is planning to watch? What are you most excited for? I signed up for FEI TV and am pretty excited for the dressage and eventing. Even tho I have a love/hate relationship with anything over about prelim level eventing the equestrian world is small and I've got minor connections I want to cheer on. I'm hoping to watch the combined driving and show jumping some of the para dressage.



  1. haha I hate when horses scream too, particularly when you are leading them and they do it right in your ear.

    1. Last weekend, I literally just showed up at the gate with Bridget's halter and Sophie ran up and screamed in my ear. Smart, because yes, I was coming to take her buddy away, but also, so so dumb :)

  2. Great cat photo! You got the whiskers highlighted perfectly!

  3. Screaming is THE WORST. Glad you have found a way to make it work tho!! And yup - the torrential downpours are here too.

    1. I used to be sad that Bridget is very non vocal, and never whinnies or nickers at me. Now I just appreciate her silence :)

  4. Gorgeous cat, he looks friendly.

    Separation - the donkey has issues too and will hurt herself/the paddock if left out when I leave, so she has to go in the stall, which she runs circles in until we return. At least she cannot hurt herself in there, or the stall, but she sure leaves a mess - poop, pee, mixed together churned up to a fine slime and left evenly all over the floor and lower walls.

    1. Our cat isn't actually that friendly. There's a very funny story about where we got him as a kitten- turns out he comes from a long line of semi feral cats rejected as pets and left at the barn, lol.
      Re: The seperation anxiety - I tried putting her in a stall years ago and she destroyed the door by ramming it, and I seem to recall I had a vet bill too because she I left her out after that, lol. It's honestly a miracle she's made it this far, silly mare. I'm glad your donkey does better inside, it's so worrying when they're in that sort of a state.

  5. Glad you are feeling more confident re: pony drama. Lol about half halt at stop sign.

    That makes me sad to hear about Josie, I don't want that to be Kachina (see today's post).

    I am watching WEG! I finally bit the bullet and also signed up for FEI TV. I am most excited for dressage but want to watch a bit of all the events. I am going to try mock judging some of the dressage to test my eye. I will likely have to watch a lot of it on demand rather than live due to work schedule though.

    1. Aww, I'm sorry Kachina's tying is so stressful. I added a little comment to your post, but I'm afraid I'm not much help. Ignore what I wrote about Josie - she's a pretty quirky girl, TBH Kachina sounds like a smart cookie and I have faith she can and will figure it out.