Wednesday 5 September 2018

If I Had A Million Dollars...

Joining in on this idea taken from Hellomylivia. Thanks for the inspiration!

With a million dollars I'd be living a fairly average lifestyle if I chose to stay where I am. I'd venture a guess your average person here has a net worth far exceeding a million dollars. (Except me, because I'm one of those people who underperforms career wise in order to have time and energy for my hobbies. )
Me: "My time is more valuable than money."
Me on payday: "Oh wait..."


Things I'd do if I was more gainfully employed, or won a lottery:

-I'm actually fairly happy as I'd stay here. I'd purchase a small acreage, preferably vacant, and build a small house and probably a slightly bigger barn. Definitely a nice outdoor ring, and maybe a small xc field.

Images are random ones I've downloaded as inspiration over the past few years. Sorry I have lost the links to the originals to credit them.

-I'd probably travel a bit more.

-I'd buy G whatever he wants :) A new truck? A boat? A beach house somewhere?

Serious upscale beach house style here.

-I'd finish my freakin' truck restoration. I've owned it since forever...and it's been in pieces about half of that time due to me getting distracted and spending my money on horses. 

-I'd pay for EC to fly here once a month and teach me. And fly in a good farrier and saddle fitter too. 

-I'd probably buy or lease a nice schoolmaster horse, probably to pursue more jumping or eventing to gain confidence. 

I feel guilty even writing that when I have 2 wonderful ponies, and access to a third PSG dressage mare. I'm already very lucky.

-I'd ride every day, and probably find a way to take lessons nearly every day.

-Custom saddles for everyone.
County Epiphany is still on my wish list.

-If I truly had no worries about money, I'd set up some kind of program where kids (or adults, why not) can learn to ride for free or maybe in exchange for paying it forward by volunteering for a charity or something. Also, I'd set up something for people interested in any sport/art/path to bettering themselves. Coming from a background where I had very few opportunities, I'd like to make a difference to other's lives.

-On that note, I'd give a ton of money to legit animal rescue/welfare organizations.

So, actually, that was fairly boring. Apparently the rock star life is not for me, which is good given my actual income desire to dedicate more of my life to making money :)

How about a list of things I'm eyeing up and likely to buy/do in the near-ish future (on my actual income)

Real life wish list:

-We're still eyeing up that farm. I'm still nervous as anything about it and trying very hard to trust G's judgement since he's far less emotionally invested in this whole venture. We're approved but have not made an offer. Our real estate market is making a very sharp downturn, so hopefully patience will pay off?

-Hire a personal trainer. What can I say? I'm not to be trusted to keep myself motivated.

-A horse trailer. Been on my list forever. Time to make it happen.
Probably something along these lines. Logan Crossfire. Basic, but newer.

-Continued weekly lessons on Audrey. It's a sacrifice financially, but it's worth it.

-A dream vacation. Not going to jinx it, but I have time booked off for Fall 2019.

Ride Andes has some fantastic looking trips.

- A Soloshot or Pixio. The reviews worry me for the cost, but I love the idea of recording my rides and sending EC video for feedback (it's cheaper than the dream of flying her here or taking daily lessons, at least :) There's also the option to upgrade to a package that would allow for real time remote coaching, which is very tempting, but likely too spendy for me.



  1. love all your fantasies and real life wants and needs! You are very secure in what you want and I love that. I flip flop all over the place :) HA!

    1. I think my husband would have a lot more fun with a zillion dollars, lol. I'm pretty boring :)

  2. you are like me and don't want fancy things. :)

    1. I'm becoming more of a minimalist the older I get, it seems. The photos you post of your place look pretty much like my dream place :)

  3. Your list is very practical!! Kinda like the things I want too, so I can appreciate why some of these things are on your list, haha!

    1. I could have really shortened it to: "I want to be a better rider!" Pretty much everything on that list is a means towards more time in the saddle and learning more, lol

  4. Replies
    1. Love it, I feel like you've posted house and barn ideas before and we have very similar tastes :)

  5. Fun post! You were a lot closer to what I would want than a lot of the other bloggers I follow. Here's my take:

    1. Yep, I think we're in a similar spot in our lives:)

  6. I would LOOOOVE a SoloShot. Definitely the dream.

    I, too, have sacrificed income (hello, I work in non-profit) for the flexibility my job provides. Sometimes I think about switching to a job where I'd make more, but if I'm stuck at work all the time, what even is the point?!

  7. With a million dollars in California I'd be living the same exact life I do but with less worry (and at least a down payment on a house)