Tuesday 31 July 2018

Day At The Races

This summer is just flying by!

On the Bridget and Sophie front, not much is new. I'm (hopefully) keeping Bridget at least partly in shape by taking her on evening walk/trots around the neighbourhood. It's been super hot out, and B just does not deal well with it. Since we have no big competition plans upcoming, I'm not feeling motivated to push her. We're still in tack limbo, too, so that's fun.

B needs more exercise, I think. She is getting round again!

Audrey was out tackling I-1 this weekend at the Canada Cup show and was apparently super, so my lesson is postponed til later in the week so she can have a well deserved day off.

Sophie is getting out once or twice a week. Bridget and her are in love, so ponying her off Bridget isn't as much of a hassle as it was previously. The screaming for Bridget when we leave? Super  annoying tho! On the plus side, she's looking great and maturing physically, even if mentally she remains a baby. Hopefully by this time next year she'll be getting started under saddle. Until then, blog wise my Sophie updates aren't too exciting. She loves attention, she hates being left out. She's a drama queen. Repeat theme for another year.

I had booked a few days off earlier in the year for the Canada Cup dressage show, and am feeling pretty down about not ending up going.  In general I've been feeling very discouraged about how training and showing has gone with Bridget. Even though I'm pretty sure I've been making good decisions and wouldn't change anything, it still stinks a little to not be where we thought we'd be right now.


G suggested a day at the races for a fun diversion, and I was all in. Apparently G had an ulterior motive, because he also had tickets to a celebrity sports fundraiser thing there. Being an introvert, that's really not my thing, but it worked out well - one guy I chatted to owned a Queens Plate winner at one point and coincidentally was G's fave hockey player too, so that worked well! Everyone was super nice and not being a huge football/hockey/soccer follower I didn't really know who I was talking to a lot of the time and found it a lot less intimidating than if it was a lunch with Carl Hester or Mary King or something! Plus, I escaped a few times to place some bets and check out the horses in the paddock and helped some of the hockey guys make bets.  So, social occasions with horses in the background = winning for me :)

For LWilliams :)

I bet on BC Charlie for Emma and made some money!

Back to work tomorrow, and a dressage lesson this week too. Then I'm off for another mini vacation. Life is good!


  1. Tack limbo is the legit worst. Is Bridget comfy bareback at least? :) I am teetering on the edge of riding bareback for the rest of the summer so I can save up and buy that schleese wave with the hoop tree in the fall.

    1. She's super comfy and fun bareback! My coach, tho...immediately she was like "you're riding bareback again...I can tell by your leg! Stop doing that so much!"

      Apparently, for me at least, riding bareback is not helping me find that relaxed inner thigh the dressage folks (and Audrey pony) like.

  2. I get discouraged about training and showing too. But at least your found a fun diversion! Enjoy that minivaca for all of us!

    1. Here's wishinhg for diverting mini vacays for everyone!

  3. Gooooo Charlie!! Haha that’s awesome! Sounds like a fun day, and also wtg Audrey with the big dressage show!

    1. Audrey was reserve champion at PSG, and pretty sure it was her first show at the level. What an amazing pair they are. The Charlie in the race even looked a little like tours <3

  4. I love going to the races. Such a fun filled horsey afternoon that can include non horsey people. Be gentle with your self on your disappointment. A lot of things changed this year.