Wednesday 11 July 2018

Bear With Me

I know I'm a bit of a broken record over here. Basically, every week I'm like:

-"AGGHH I'm so busy!"
-"I'll post better media next time!"
-"I'm burnt out and didn't want to, but guess what, I did the thing anyway, and it was fun!"

Bridget's nose is always fun to pet, tho

The real story is so much more, but I've been holding out because I thought I'd wait until I had some 'real' things to report. But right now, with things in flux, that amounts to radio silence the majority of the time!

So, let's just go ahead and share, why not?

The barn I'm keeping the ponies at isn't working for me. It's stressful. I'm sad. I haven't come up with a better option yet.

Bridget "Let's get outta here!"

We looked at an acreage. I love it. G loves it. I'm not wanting to get too excited because guys, we've been looking for 10 YEARS and there is always some reason we end up not purchasing. Everything from legit deciding the property isn't suited to us after further thought, to getting outbid, to discovering some crazy covenant on the title. Yes, we're not super motivated, because we like our existing home well enough. So, this is more of a case of waiting for the perfect thing. Perfect things are very rare. This one feels so right and perfect (especially with the timing of the boarding barn drama) that I'm freaking out a little lot. Fingers crossed so hard it works out for us. I'm scared by how much I want this, like actually a bit nauseous just typing this out .


My job change is official now (finally!), and my new hours start this week! So, three days away, 4 at home from here on out. I need to come up with a reasonable riding schedule for all the extra barn time I'll suddenly have! Bridget is going to need some gradual fitness work - she's been pretty much on the back burner for a few weeks now.
Bridget: "You're kidding, right?"

I'm going to start mixing in some jumping lessons on Audrey on my work nights. My lower level eventing goals just won't die. While A is definitely Ms Talented Dressage Horse, she's actually more jumper bred and is almost as bouncy over fences as she is in the dressage arena. I'm a little scared, TBH...I am not so great at this jumping thing and A is not the easiest to stay with. #lawndartingisinmyfuture
I'll have to read this book again



  1. ooooh lots of exciting things happening!!! good luck with the acreage, and very exciting about jumping A!!! i hope it all works out and is SUPER FUN!

  2. good luck I have butterflies for you!!

  3. Everything crossed for you!!