Sunday 22 July 2018

As If I Was In A Dream

Life has been pretty good of late. But, of course because real life is just peachy, my subconscious is all "IT'S COOL, I'LL FILL THE ANXIETY VOID FOR YOU! HERE'S THIS SWEET DREAM, JUST FOR YOU!"

So peaceful.

Me, sleeping: "Ahh, what a beautiful day. I'm in a farm field, that's cool"
Subconscious: "Have you noticed those dark clouds over there?"
Me: "Nice. It feels dry, rain would be good."
Subconscious: "How bout a tornado?!"
Me: "Crap".
Me: "Hang on a minute. There are horses in this field! I'll just hop on one and run for cover. See ya!"
Subconscious: "That's Bridget you just jumped on. Good luck out running anything"
Dream Bridget "Yep. Not moving. Perhaps the tornado right behind us will carry us to safety"
Me: *frantically kicking dream Bridget*

Real Greg: "Wake up T! Stop kicking me."

So ridiculous, but funny. And I could only think the new and improved Bridget wouldn't ignore my real life kicking. Take that, stupid subconscious. B would totally save my butt. This dream is not relevant.

Would never let me down

Or would she...?

Lol. YEP. My ride on Saturday was awful. B was so sluggish and I didn't have my spurs.  All sorts of NOPE happening, and it was that level of no that only a pony can bring. Like I was honestly "Here, B, peace offering, canter back to the barn" and she was still not inclined to move much beyond a walk.

After mocking me with lovely 20 meter canter circles in the pasture the previous day, of course. Ponies are truly evil :)

Thank goodness we don't get tornados here.



  1. Earthquakes I can handle but tornados.. huge NOPE

    1. Agreed. When I lived on the prairies a few years ago I pretty much went into panic mode every time there was a warning. My coworkers were like "But, you have earthquakes on the coast! Those are way scarier!" Nope, I don't think so!

  2. I'm sure that B would save you from a tornado. :D

    1. I don't think she would. I remember in our first jump lessons she'd touch the jump or otherwise scare herself and then basically lay down to die. My coach was like "?!??" and then we laughed and laughed at her. So yeah, she's totally going to take me down with her in the event of a real disaster :)