Friday 23 June 2017

Relationship vs Goals

Emma had a great post the other day delving into how her riding goals relate to her purchase of Charlie the Wonder Horse.

I've talked about this a bit in the past, but since it's a subject frequently on my mind, here are my current thoughts on myself and Bridget's partnership.

First for some context, we'd better mention the backstory.

When I first started this blog, it was all things Ginger. Ginger and I were going to do all the things! Sadly, on our way to doing all the things, I had a couple of not so nice falls and my hot, sensitive, athletic mare didn't feel like such a fun project anymore. In fact, riding any horse got a bit scary for me over time. Cue sadness and stress. Give up horses? Maybe. I took a few months time out and missed them though. So I took some lessons on a lovely confidence building mare. I was still nervous, but started to consider a second horse...a nice quiet, confidence boosting one, a la lesson mare. One to just trail ride and have fun on, get my confidence completely back, then move back onto Ginger and crush those competition goals!

Cue Bridget's purchase. What could be less intimidating than an adorable young pony that was missing a go button?
Bridget. (Am I the only one seeing the resemblance/;)

Real Bridget. So cute, so fluffy, so little. Also eats watermelon.

So inelegant.

And so, off we went on our adventures, and this blog started to become less Ginger, and all Bridget. Bridget trail riding everywhere, going to her first clinics, eventually jumping a bit, then trying some dressage. The change back to Ginger never happened because Bridget kept on exceeding my expectations. Bridget also got hotter and sassier the fitter she got, so boredom on my part has never really been a thing.
B even knows how to pose over fences ;)

So that brings us here. I have a lot of fun with the pony. Is she going to meet my eventing goals? No. But she might exceed any dressage goals I have. Will we be competitive at dressage? No, but we can learn all the things and have fun. Is she my dream horse? No. She's absolutely not what any sane person would have chosen as their next competition prospect, I love her dearly, but no, no one would look at her and think 'athletic'  :) I bought her because she was safe and didn't scare me and I thought she'd be an easy resale. End of story.

So, I'm at a funny place. I still have the same riding goals I've always had, but for the first time I also have a horse I'd consider a real partner and that means more to me than anything. So we do what we can do, and have fun. My long term plans still involve the purchase or breeding of a horse or pony more suited to my goals (and still keeping B, obviously). And yet, even with the opportunity to go shopping, I keep procrastinating because I still just like riding and being with the pony I've got. Even when she pulls out the Pony Mare Armageddon 'tude.
Bridget's wheel of fortune.


  1. aw i love this tho! thanks for writing out your take on it too - this topic is so fascinating to me. mostly bc i'm constantly amazed by how easily our own feelings on the matter can change, even without us always realizing it. but yea. long story short, that partnership is so so so critical imo. it can't always solve every problem, but then again there are an *awful lot* of problems without it.

  2. I have loved reading about you and Bridget, she sounds like such a great horse to build confidence with (and it is slightly fascinating to see how she stays, round despite being so busy!!).

  3. Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Goals shift and things change. It's hard to know where we'll be

  4. That's awesome that you're having that much enjoyment with Bridget. Sounds like you made a good call with making the switch.

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