Friday 2 June 2017

A Quiet Week

With my decision to let the eventing goals slide this year, came great freedom. I'm still putting in hours of fitness time, but I skipped a day this week and didn't feel too bad about it. Obviously, a fitter Midge is a good thing, but attempting to create an eventing fit Midge is a full time job I was starting to struggle with. The barn is just not set up in such a way to help her lose enough weight through diet (haynet feeders everywhere in the paddocks and shelters - we lock her in a stall at night, but that still leaves 12 hours of unlimited access to hay all day long). To work all those calories off through strictly exercise  is an uphill battle when you work full time at a 'real' job, part time at the barn, not to mention travel home every second weekend.
Round, but getting better

Midge herself was a little under the weather this week. There's a cold going around the barn and of course with Midge, that results in a tired pony with a minor cough.. I am always sure to keep her up to date on her shots, but I guess with all the competitions the horses are bound to catch something new once in a while. While I can't complain about the care or the facility, I do find myself wishing for somewhere a little quieter where we can also monitor her hay intake better.
"New hay net for Midge!" lol

Anyway, on to our actual activities this week!

Saturday: Jump school with best barn rat

Sunday: Off

Monday: Jump lesson. Spa day.

Tuesday: Vaulting

Wednesday: flatwork, 45 min of light work - she felt tired and had a bit of a cough to start

Thursday: Off

Friday: Trainer ride if she's up for it

Looking forward: Lessons Monday and Wednesday, barn jump school on Friday, Trail riding next weekend.

Further forward: All the local events, sticking to a budget. I've signed up for a XC schooling day June 24, and a dressage show June 25. There is a an english hack show on the 10th that might be a fun change, a western games day on the 11th that I definitely want to try, and a H/J show on the 17th that there's an outside chance we'll attend (if I can suck it up and not be mad at them for their shabby treatment last month :)

In July, we're hoping to attend a poker ride in my hometown, and a XC schooling day and dressage show in the city.



  1. As long as you are having fun it doesn't matter what you do or don't do!

  2. I hear you on less hay access. This barn is the first time that Katai is getting the magical amount of hay, no grass, and only supplements so she actually isn't fat!

  3. The poker ride sounds like a blast!