Tuesday 20 June 2017

Keeping It Real

After over a week of good behaviour, you knew we were due for a visit from Naughty Midge. If you've read this blog at all, you know Naughty Midge = stuck in the tar pits/dragging 100 ton cart/probably dying so cannot move Midge

I had a decent ride on Sunday,  just running through the parts of our upcoming dressage test I knew we could pick up half marks here and there on. A little crisper halt to trot depart, and a bit more consistent in the coming back and going forward, as always there's a half stride where it feels like shes coming back up and at you before she starts using her hind end and collecting or lengthening a little. I felt like it went well, but what do I know because pony was awful today. Maybe it was too warm for angry mares, maybe she was tired, maybe I was too nitpicky yesterday and pissed her off. I'd lean towards the third option, likely influenced by the first and second too.

Our lesson consisted of running through our test a couple of times, and I could not for the life of me get B in front of my leg. As soon as a picked up contact, boom, pony was hiding behind the leg and no amount of encouragement would get her forward enough.  Wiggling? Yep. Bouncing like a kangaroo? Yep ( becoming masters of the Snake and Kangaroo levels of our training scale...also the Giraffe was quite proficient ;) So, that was super discouraging. EC says to go back to wearing her big spurs next time, because nagging at Midge to just go forward benefits no one. I think that's a plan.

I have mixed feelings about that, as always...I'd love for B to be light off my leg without any spurs at all, but I get a ride or two like that at most before she figures it out and we have to go back to spurs again...and then depending on her energy and mood sometimes even that's not enough and the big spurs need to make an appearance. I guess better to touch her with rowels and get a response than kick her repeatedly with no spurs and get no response? A stick, as always does nothing, and voice a la her vaulting lessons is hit or miss when she's in a mood, too. Nor does changing it up - for the love of everything do not try to trail ride or jump her in that mood! Life with ponies who sometimes don't wanna is always interesting :)

I''m curious to see what tonight's ride will bring!


  1. Sorry she's not being forward. Hopefully the spurs does the trick.

  2. Oh Midge. :P

    Ponies just have a brain of their own sometimes... Ok, most of the time.

  3. aw how frustrating,. I would just resign myself to wearing spurs all the time. I know how you feel- I hate having to ride Carmen with a flash but she figures out that she can evade the bit and run through it without the flash. Mares!

  4. Ponies certainly can be frustrating!

  5. ugh i hate that feeling.

  6. Oh pony! Nothing wrong with adding big spurs for a ride or two, hope they help :)