Friday 30 June 2017

Mini Time Out

A few months ago, I booked some extra time off to attend a horse trials in the interior of the province. But horses. Two new-to-me saddles and some unexpected vet bills meant spending a thousand dollars on a horsey event was an even less financially responsible thing than normal. So, I acted like an adult and cancelled my spot on the trailer. And was sad.

BUT! I still have all those extra days booked off work. So, I'm hanging out with G at our home up the coast. This time of year, that's really no hardship.

Beach day yesterday. Where I work and live during the week and where Bridget is boarded is barely visible as the farthest point of land on the left. This being the coast, that's a 1.5 hrs drive and a 50min ferry ride away.

Never truly a horsey time out though!
Yesterday, we had a beach day, today we're off to a lake. 

I've been feeling lot burnt out with my riding of late. I want to be better so badly and I've been working very hard for what feels like little to no progress. This little time out is already working wonders with my mindset. B and I have fun, so if we don't achieve my goals together, that's cool. If I do end up looking for a horse to advance competition wise, that doesn't mean Bridget is any less awesome. I've got a great coach and a great support network and if I keep listening and working hard, the improvements have to come.

Until then, I'm enjoying the first real vacation I've had in two years. And it's awesome.


  1. Enjoy your vacation! Sometimes just getting away from it all for a few days makes everything better when you get back.

  2. That looks amazing! Enjoy your vacation :)

  3. Enjoy your time away! I feel you on the burned out thing, hope you get some good relaxin in ;)

  4. What a beautiful place to press the reset button.

  5. Enjoy your vacation! It's AMAZING how much it can help us mentally and physically to get away and truly, really relax for a while.