Saturday 5 March 2016

Working hard

I got pictures, and they're of the very disappointing sort. But, HEY, I FINALLY GOT RIDING PICTURES! ;) I think it's something to do with my crappy riding  the lighting in our ring, but very few of our recent pictures or video are even remotely blog worthy.
Dark and shadowy, but hey, it's something :)
I'm currently on a nice mini vacation from work. Originally we had planned to be somewhere warm and sunny, but life got in the way, so here I am up the coast in our little house hiding from the wind and rain. At least there are beaches and an ocean nearby? Maybe a margarita might help.

Since I am extremely motivated right now on the horse front, I caught the later ferry home in order to fit in a ride first. I missed my jumping lesson this week, and as mentioned in my last post one of my current goals is to get the canter more balanced. There are moments when it is really nice, so I'm crossing fingers hard we're almost there. The easiest way for me to keep Midge's canter motivated outside of a lesson is to pop her over the odd jump. This also attempts to help me sit quietly and keep those disobedient heels down.

Figure eights today, over the x, then around and over the little oxer to our right, then across the diagonal to the same set up on the other end of the arena. I can feel EC shouting at me to carry my hands in front of my body.

Terrible pic, but the only one timed where we are actually jumping something.

All the canters. Again, not a great picture/moment in time, but you can see we don't need an entire area to turn anymore and the motorbike turns are more upright these days. Softness is coming too, there were some dressage worthy moments sprinkled in to the mix. I might even have some video coming!

Not the best ride, not the worst. I'm stuck in a bit of a rut and feel like it's been a while since things have felt really good. It may be time for a trainer ride!


  1. Aw- great pictures of you two!! She sure reaches that hind leg under her in the canter hey!

    1. It's kind of cool, even being green/unbalanced her canter still feels quite powerful and upill. That's a good part of the reason I am so persistant with it - there's hope for something dressage worthy there :)

  2. Margaritas always help! You two look great, don't be so hard on yourself :)
    I think we should meet up at the maple ridge event in October, at the pub you mentioned in your last post :D

    1. Ohh, great idea!! MREC blogger meet up! If all goes well this season, we are planning to be there. If not, I will need to drown my sorrows :)

  3. I totally know how those rides go where you feel like you're stuck in a rut. The pictures look great and I can clearly see improvement :)

  4. Yay for riding pictures!!! I'm with you- I take what can get!

  5. haha you and i might have different definitions for what constitutes 'blog worthy' in pictures lol, bc i think these are fab! dark and shadowy pics > no pics any day of the week lolz. seriously tho - Midget pony looks so good - like she's having a blast and getting really into it! the balance in the canter can only improve when she's so game!