Wednesday 30 March 2016

Full Seat Breeches Reviews

It's been a while since I've done a review post, so I thought I would review and compare the pairs of schooling full seats I've bought in the last couple of years. I paid around the same amount of money for each. I ride 5-6 times a week and rotate through these breeches fairly evenly.

Breech: Elation Platinum Full Seat Breech.
Price: $105 on sale, reg $139 through Greenhawk.
Pros: Tech fabric, nice mid weight, comfortable and flattering enough on.
Cons: Stretch a little and can get a little saggy looking between washes.
Looks: They're pretty plain looking and a little 'old school' fit wise - wish they had some more detailing and a lower/wider waistband.
Fit: Average fit, no issues with the sizing.
Durability: I have the black and they faded pretty quickly. Also, they've got a few snags in the material that happened pretty much the first week I wore them. That being said, I've worn them A LOT and give them no special care and they won't die.
Rating: 7/10. Would buy them again, but they'd have to be on a super (like half price or more) sale.

Breech: Tuffrider Full Seats (sorry, can't figure out the actual product name to link).
Price: $99 at the local tack store. Reg $129.
Pros: Tech type fabric, durable for the price. Lightweight, nice for summer. Look cute on.
Cons: Material has no give, full seat fabric started pilling after a month. Seams bind and rub by my knees.
Looks: Cute enough. I have blue like the above and am not honestly sold on the color but that's my problem.
Fit: See above about binding seams, seem big in the waist and small through the knee/lower leg.
Durability: Breech fabric looks like new every time I wash them, but full seat fabric is thin and pilling.
Rating: 5/10.  Want to like them for the price, but they're honestly not that comfortable and I find myself disappointed if they're next in the pile to take to the barn. 

Breech: USG Doreen Full Seats.
Price: $119 on clearance, reg $139 at Apple Saddlery
Pros: Tech fabric, the most comfortable breech I've ever worn, and super flattering/cute.
Cons: Not sold on the buttons on the side pockets. Just an aesthetics thing, really.
Looks: I have the black with pink stitching and love it. Fun, but not "WOW". There's navy with I think dark yellow stitching that's a little more understated and grey and brown colors are also available.
Fit: Maybe a little small through the waist and a bit big through the leg. They're VERY stretchy so I maybe could have gone a size down.
Durability: No issues yet, but these are my newest pair.
Rating: 9/10. Love, love, love these for the price, and want to wear them every day just because they are so comfortable. 1 point off since I'm slightly concerned about how much stretch they have and whether they'll hold their shape super long term.

Breech: Tuscany Pearl Full Seats.
Price: $125 at a local tack store, on sale from $150
Pros: Nice mid weight tech fabric, more structured fit, wide variety of colors. Very flattering on.
Cons: I actually have none. I like these so much I bought a pair in the navy color and then bought a pair a few months later in eggplanty purple/burgundy.
Looks: Understated, basic styling, but modern enough with the wide waistband and the lower rise. The colors are great - every thing from a super dark navy to a white to a bright red if that's your thing. I get the most compliments on these.
Fit: A little on the small side. These are not super duper stretchy so if you're between sizes I'd consider sizing up.
Durability: So far these things are TOUGH and come out of the wash looking like new every time.
Rating: 8.5/10. Love them, and they seem the best quality and the wisest investment of the bunch I've tried...great value even at full price. BUT the cuteness and the comfort of the USG's win by a nose...even if I end up having to replace them more often :)




  1. The USG are cute. With the contrast stitching.

  2. Huh good to know! I like the looks of the last two! I think a barnmate has those blue tuffriders and said they seem to show dirt really badly being so light colored?