Friday 12 February 2016

Virtual Adventures, and Real Ones Too

After two weeks off, I've finally ridden enough miles to update our Virtual Adventure page.
Here's a sample of where we've been:

Not a real hospital, obviously

In Real Adventure news, Bridget and I are all signed up for eventing camp! (AKA the HTBC Spring Clinic). It's a 3 day eventing clinic with a great list of clinicians and coaches. I'm super excited! The only tiny catch? It's in mid April in Pritchard (Johvale), BC - the interior of the province where the winters aren't quite as friendly as ours (but the summers are amazing - it's almost a desert and so wonderfully hot and dry!) It may be more than a little cold that time of year...and we're camping. I chose this clinic rather than the one on the coast, since this one is an extra day and I liked the line up of clinicians better. Also, this is the one Ginger is going to with her lease girl, along with some of my favorite barn mates. I think it will be fun to ride with them! G is also planning on coming along so I'm crossing my fingers hard for nice spring weather - I'd love for him to have a good time and want to go to some of the other events we've got planned this year. He's the most supportive/non complaining husband ever, but it would be nice if he didn't have to fake a good time lol. We've been promised lots of wine and I know we'll have great company, so that will definitely help my case!

Here's a fun summary of our West Coast Eventing scene - Bridget and I are planning on going to a few of the places and riding with a few of the people mentioned in the above article this summer.



  1. Eventing camp sounds so awesome! There are a few BC events I wanted to go to, if I'm able to afford my own trailer I might see you out there sometime this summer :)

    1. That would be SO fun, but I'd probably embarrass you with all my cheering for you and Apollo!

  2. ooooh super exciting about the eventing camp! my fingers are seriously crossed that the weather cooperates and that the tales of all that wine are not greatly exaggerated!! :D