Saturday 6 February 2016

Falling Behind

Monday will mark two weeks since I've been in the saddle. I don't even know the last time I went a week without riding, let alone two. I feel more than a little lost, and I definitely feel like we're falling behind and won't be ready for our shows at the end of the month. Still, it's been a necessary evil as Midge and I both recuperate.

Midge started her week of Ventipulmin last Tuesday. Fingers crossed it works. Fingers doubly crossed we're able to use it on an 'as needed' basis moving forward rather than a daily maintenance dose - even at pony sized dosing that stuff is expensive! (about $130 for a two week supply.) Pony is feeling very well and sassy so I have a couple of the working students getting her out for some light hacks while I rest up at our house up the coast. I'm not sure if or how much B's been coughing - I trust they won't push her if she's having a not so great day, and am hoping no news is good news!
Ginny last year

Ginger is now on a full/free lease to the barn owner/trainer, EC. She's been working out really well for the more advanced students, and EC has been enjoying riding her as well. Long term, I suspect I'll still sell her eventually (it's silly to keep a horse I don't ride), but for now I'm really enjoying having her around and seeing her happy and useful. I admit it's a little hard to watch Ginger go and see how easy she finds everything and how hard she tries compared to the struggle bus that is Midge, but if the chips were down I wouldn't trade back for the world - Midge and I are much more on the same wavelength. Ginger and I are opposites, which is why I think it actually worked for so long, but now that I have Midge, I find myself getting impatient with some of Ginger's quirks, particularly her spookiness. She is definitely more of a pro ride, and I don't have that level of commitment or focus on a consistent basis.
Spooky pony is suspicious of the outside world :)

Moving forward, Midge and I have that mounted police desensitizing clinic in two weeks. That should be fun! Following that, we have a dressage show at Southlands and a combined test at MREC.

The dressage show is part of a series of schooling shows, but I'm a bit apprehensive since we're coming off a break and they do attract large numbers of competitors. Also, they are an overnight trip for us and I don't like wasting $! The combined test is also part of a monthly winter series, but is slightly more 'official' and counts for provincial year end points/qualifying for a provincial championship series (for dressage and jumping, NOT the eventing championships, they are a separate thing :)

For the dressage show, we're doing the 2015 USEF Training Test 1. For the combined test we're entering the Starter division, which is 2'3" jumps and Canadian Eventing Entry Test 1 (pretty much the same as the USEF Training Test 1). I don't think any of the above poses any kind of technical issue, we're schooling First at home, and jumping 2'6". We're still going to be challenged though, these will be our first away shows, and our first dressage test in a 20x60 arena. First lesson back is on Wednesday, we're going to have our work cut out for us!
Midge last summer. "Enough with this dressage, lets go home!"



  1. I'm so sorry to read about the COPD diagnosis! I hope it can be maintained with minimal intervention in the long term. Sounds like Ginger is where she needs to be as well. Good luck at your show!

  2. Fingers, toes and hooves crossed that you'll only need the meds occasionally! I'm sure you guys will get back into your groove and be show ready in no time :)

  3. ugh it's so tough to lose saddle time with all those events on the horizon... glad Bridget is still getting hacked out by the working students tho and i'm sure you'll feel right at home again once you're back in the tack!