Tuesday 16 February 2016

RTR Blog Hop: Training Exercise of Death

Jodi at Racing to Ride has a great idea for a blog hop and asks the following question:

What are the exercises you would prefer to avoid in your lessons and daily riding? 

1. Spirals with any added degree of difficulty: ie transitions, shoulder in, renvers, whatever. This is my coaches go to warm up exercise. I get the idea - we want to check in and make sure we can move pony off the leg and bend pony in different directions. As one of those people with issues deciphering left and right, this one makes me feel really stupid almost every time.

What typically happens to me attempting this one
 2. Circle of death, or the below cloverleaf exercise. Again, I get that this is super useful for finding your line, finding your stride, and making sure those outside aids are working. However, this is another one I don't attempt alone, since I'm too proud to cry if someone is watching  I really need someone to talk me through it ;)



  1. LoL - Love that Bridget gives it a score too! I haven't seen this one....looks scary hard!

  2. Thanks for participating! I've definitely had the top excercise be a challenge too.

  3. Yep I struggle with both of those!