Thursday 31 December 2015

NHW Blog Hop: Year In Review, Fav Pictures

I didn't want to bore anyone with a month by month recap of a fairly uneventful year. Lucky for us all there is a No Hour Wasted Blog Hop to streamline things!

She asks:
2015 is coming to a close. With this comes the end of good and bad. Share your favourite or most important memories from the past year.

My not-so-favorite moments of 2015:

-Moving for work. It stinks to be away from G. (But, see below, silver linings)
-Getting on Ginger after 3 months at the trainers and realizing everything still felt the (awful) same.
-Ginger not finding her perfect home, then struggling a little to fit in here.
-Letting myself get discouraged/frustrated with my lack of progress and Bridget's lack of work ethic last spring.

My favorite moments of 2015:

-Getting the exact job in the exact location I'd been aiming for the past few years. Long term planning win, eventually G is moving there too.
-EC having space to board Bridget. Again long term planning for the win, this is the barn/coach I wanted when I first started eyeing up moving to the area (and honestly a big part of the reason the area was attractive to me in the first place).
-Bridget doing great at her first shows and clinics

-Ginger settling in here after her training stint and being a useful member of equine society.
-My green pony and my inexperienced self jumping around proper courses. Never, ever thought that would happen.
-Bridget really stepping up to the plate and going from Ginger's back up/my fun trail horse, to main ride and surprising us all with her enthusiasm for jumping and dressage.
-Finally getting a baby kitty after years of talking about it. Great decision, he's the best.


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  1. i love it! your kitten might be the absolute cutest haha, and i remain ever impressed with Bridget's incredible transformation from side kick trail pony to eventing sport horse in training!! here's to an awesome 2016!!