Sunday 20 December 2015

2015 Goal Review

From last January:

"I haven't posted any 2015 horsey goals at all because I'm having trouble quantifying things or setting a specific end goal like a particular show or jump height. As you can guess, I want to ride regularly, keep my horses sound and healthy, and catch a few shows and clinics this year. I also want to buy a trailer so I can take advantage of more training and showing opportunities. The details beyond me getting out and working consistently and saving my $ are vague beyond that. Pony training just takes as long as it takes I guess, and there is no point in stressing over meeting bigger picture goals for the time being"

Thanks to Tracey's health and fitness blog hop I later added the following:

-Lose 15-20 pounds through healthy eating.
-Work on fitness. Run a 5k, ride 5x a week, stay active.

I like how the me of a year ago says "Ohh, not really setting goals..." then goes on to mention lessons, clinics, trailer shopping, saving $, losing a fairly substantial amount of weight...nope no goals there at all lol. Then, of course I got a new job and life changed pretty substantially. On the downside, I have less free time, on the plus side, I now have access to coaching and a small local show circuit. On the really awesome side, our barn also goes to the bigger events, including Rebecca Farm. Big changes, and so many opportunities.
Nothing to do with anything, I added a new photo app to my phone and it apparently thought I wanted cartoons rather than pictures the other night. A bit of a surprise, but cartoon ponies ARE pretty fun.
How I did:

...ride regularly...: Yes. I'm proud of this one because my life has changed completely, including a new job, new town, and new barn. But I can honestly say I rode 4-5x a week every week, all year long.

...horses sound and healthy...: Fingers crossed, yes

...a few shows...: If by a few, I meant two, then yes, OK let's count it. (We attended one dressage, one hunter/jumper, both just local events). I'm giving myself a bit of a pass on this as we moved to the new barn/town mid season and my life was pretty chaotic this summer.

...clinics...: Yes, rode in a dressage one last winter that was no fun at all, a cowboy one that was a bit better, and a weekend Backcountry Horsemen clinic/camp out. I'm totally counting all the ones I audited too. (Some clinic notes here and here) Current trainer is also one of my favorite clinicians, so she counts too :) a trailer...: No longer neccessary since trainer has a huge trailer with room for everyone. Still on the wish list though, just not urgently!

...saving my $...: Nope, let's not even try to pretend that happened.

Lose 15-20 pounds through healthy eating. Meh. More like 10, and partly because I'm simply too busy to eat all the chocolates of the world. Healthy eating is a still a somewhat hit or miss affair: I ate a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner last night, a mocha for breakfast and a cupcake for lunch lol. Another 10 pounds would be a good thing, but 15 more would make me unafraid to wear a bathing suit in public ;) This weight loss thing is taking forever, seriously. I'm (an embarrasing) 40lbs down from my all time high, but it's taken 3 years to get here.

Work on fitness. Run a 5k, ride 5x a week, stay active. The 5k did not happen. I was running the distance earlier in the spring without issues, but life changed and now I don't have time or daylight to run at all. On the plus side I feel I am pretty active. I usually ride a minimum of 5 times a week (schooling rides on a green horse are almost as good as a good gym visit lol, and 2 of the 5 rides are rather punishing lessons). I work at the barn part time as well, feeding and mucking 15+ horses and we all know that's labour intensive. I walk/hike on the weekends. I'm not under any illusions I'm going to get super fit this way, but it's a good balance for me. Some weeks I feel run down, but mostly I feel pretty good.


  1. This sounds like your goals were a total success! :) 10 pounds is A LOT!

    5 weekly rides is awesome - this is on my goals list for next year.

  2. You rocked your goals! After an awesome 2015 in the books it will be easier to set goals for 2016 :)

  3. i love the cartoon pony! also yea this year certainly brought a lot of changes, but even so it seems like you really nailed the goals!