Sunday 29 November 2015

Christmas Wish List

Tis the season with a built in excuse to buy myself things...although honestly the excuse is more End of Season Sales than Christmas itself :)

1. A safety vest. Otherwise there will be no cross country for me! I admit to being slightly superstitious about this one, like if I buy it early something weird will happen so that eventing is off the table for us.
Currently have my eye on the Tipperary Eventer Pro. ASTM/SEI certified and a store somewhat local to me stocks them so I can try it on before making a decision
2. Navy breeches. I don't need more breeches, but that doesn't stop the wants. As someone with a less than tiny bottom half, I like to stick to black or charcoal but I really love all the fun styles and colors currently available. I'm going to be 'wild' and go for a pair in navy. Navy is a color, right?
Gersemi Saga breeches

3. A show shirt. Another item that's been on my list for multiple years. The ones I own are cute, but now much too large and starting to look a little old school.

This looks like it would be flattering, and would look cute with my new navy breeches for clinics !

And, now for the really important things:

4. More time with G. Living apart a lot of the time really sucks. We're both good at it and there's no drama involved, but obviously we'd both prefer to come home to each other every night! Don't get me wrong, I am super grateful to have found my dream job this year within a couple hours of home rather than in another province, but I can't help but wish for more! Fingers crossed one of us finds a great job where the other lives in 2016.

5. A great home for Ginger. I'm pretty stressed over this to the point I am losing a ton of sleep over it. Fingers crossed!


  1. great list! good luck with #s 4 and 5!! the rest sound pretty easily attainable tho. and really, everybody should have a pair of navy breeches :)

  2. I have my eye on that vest, too.

  3. Sending good vibes for #5! I want the vest also :)

  4. Fingers crossed for a new home for Gingy!