Friday 20 November 2015


The ponies moved to their winter paddocks a couple of weeks ago, a move which really didn't cause any undue hardship on them as our wet and windy weather meant they've all been opting to stand inside in the dry barn the vast majority of the time anyway. This week though, we've switched clear days and freezing temps and the horses have all woken up ready to play! Without exception, they've been more than a little wild, and the lack of any large winter turnout space has meant we've all had some interesting rides. Summer feels like it just ended, but I am already missing the late evening light and kinder weather.

Pony ears in the dark:

For Bridget, her excess energy has given her a level of sensitivity and motivation on par with Ginger. She's also getting very fit and impossible to tire out, which I seriously thought would never happen. It's all good though- I am having a ton of fun driving my newly found sports car pony, even if it randomly bucks and bolts off now and then ;) 

My Wednesday lesson was nothing exciting. We discussed some ideas (and riders/potential buyers) for Ginger and then my general impatience with not being the rider I want to be. I love that EC does not waste time sugar coating anything, instead she gets right to business and has you quantify your goals then maps out a plan for you to work towards. 

Riding wise, we did a ton of transitions and played a little with extending and collecting. Honestly though, EC was uncharacteristically easy on us. Perhaps she reads this blog? More likely, in real life I am easier to read than I'd like to think and she very wisely opted to avoid risking any further rider meltdowns/drama.

My other rides this week were more of the same: dark, cold evenings, me feeling a little out of sorts, and a very ramped up/tense/impatient pony. Tonight I just let Bridget go on a loose rein and let her burn off some steam. She asked to gallop around a little and have fun and I said OK. That's probably the exact thing you shouldn't do with a pushy little freight train of a pony, but sometimes you just need to live a little and enjoy the moment. (For the record, galloping a slightly out of control/stir crazy pony is just as much fun as an adult as it was when I was a kid - I highly recommend it the next time you're feeling a little down :)

Standing still on the off chance I have treats:



  1. Ehhh what's the point if you're never allowed to careen around on occasion to blow off steam?!? Sounds perfectly acceptable to me ;)

  2. Ha ha ha! It's so funny when they get all amped up and "crazy"!