Monday 9 November 2015

Photo Fail

G came out to the barn with me this weekend and I asked him very nicely to take photos for the blog, because I have no idea how you lovely readers how the patience to stick around looking at only my giant walls of text.

Sadly, beautiful photos were not to be. It rained, HARD, all weekend. Also, it turns out there were multiple sports being played while I was riding, and the temptation to quickly check scores was overwhelming for poor G.

I did have some good rides all weekend, which of course means tonight's lesson will be interesting. I heard a rumor we are doing a no stirrups November thing tonight as well...oh boy.

Anyway, here's my pic, exactly as photographed by G. I may need to hire another photographer :) :

It's really us, I promise. I also promise to make another attempt at photos when he visits next weekend.


  1. lol!!! i love it hahaha. and it may or may not be on par with the typical photo standard seen on my blog... but i'm a believer that blurry grainy headless rider pics > no pics. also it's not quite so blurry that we can't still see Bridget's happy pricked ears :D

  2. Even in a blurry photo you guys look like you're having fun :-)