Monday 7 September 2015

Quick Notes

Midge and I had a jump lesson tonight, our second since moving here. We were alone once again, since for now we don't fit in to a group lesson. There are not many of us at that (huge) place between the riders at prelim or above and the beginner kids. Add in that I am an adult working until 5 most days, and it seems like Midge and I are destined to jump alone ;) 

Overall impressions of our lesson: That it was SO fun! EC set up a little course of 9 jumps. Lots of x's, a couple of little verticals, and a little oxer. Canter poles to help me out over the first jump going into the  2 related distances, and everything 2' or under.

As for the notes:

- Look up!!!!

- Remember pattern rather than individual jumps. Group pattern in a way that makes sense to you: ie outside line then cross diagonal, etc Keep in mind average person can remember 7 consecutive things at most first try, so try to keep pattern in your mind simpler than that so you can still think about riding as well :)

- (When I said I was a bit nervous) Jumps this size are just canter strides. Don't let your mind make it a big deal.

- Ask for canter a stride or two out. Imagine there is a placing pole if that helps. Canter out of jump and continue straight, then trot corners. That's all we want for now - this is an exercise in accurate transitions and lines, not "jumping"

- Keep loose-ish fingers - pony is green and weird things are going happen no matter how well we set her up. Want reins to run through fingers rather than catching her mouth/ T getting pulled out of saddle.

- (When we got a few really long/big efforts) Don't worry about it, Bridget is starting to try to figure this out and is excited, thinks two point means "time to jump now!". T needs to ask for canter either over the jump or a few strides out, and make B wait.

Badass pony likes to leave this middle part out and give her rider a heart attack:

- Use the corners properly, gives you more time to find your line.

- For where we are at, this is all we can do . For now, jumps stay small and pony just needs to canter over them. Trotting everywhere else is fine. T just needs to ride the pattern and transitions effectively. Don't overthink it.

-Plan moving forward: Find "a canter". Doesn't need to be "the best canter", just something consistent I can feel and rate and we can build on later.

- With that in lesson Wednesday night will feature the ever wonderful baby pony Circle of Death. (2 jumps on 20m circle)

- Homework: canter, canter, canter. Can't move up until we have a consistent, rate-able canter. (Currently we are stuck at one speed only)

EC was pleased with our progress and said she can tell we work hard on our homework between lessons. Bridget got treats, and I got told she's signed us up for the show this weekend! I had honestly thought we were skipping this one and going to the dressage one instead, but it seems we are doing both. I'm freaking out, but not as bad as I thought I might. It's just for practice. It's just local and a short trip down the road. We're not going to be competitive at all so there's no real pressure. It's just about getting us both out to a positive first show and getting some miles so our first event next spring  isn't quite such a big deal. Also, this is Midge I'm taking and I'm confident with her. I don't worry as much about Death By Baby Pony In A New Scary Place (totally a thing ;) as I might with other horses. 

Next lesson: Wednesday. 
Show (OMG): Saturday.



  1. I can't wait to read about the show! You guys will do great :D

    I like your homework, that's Apollo's homework right now too :)

    1. I love having a plan to follow, it keeps me honest!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I'm actually quite jealous that you have a coach that encourages you to show like that since I have a tough time convincing myself to do it and then the show slides past without me signing up. You're going to have so much fun and I can't wait to read about it since my pony and I are going to be going through a very similar experience hopefully next year :-)

    1. I'm also the person who is never ready enough to show and will miss the sign up. It's good that she takes my silence as the go ahead to enter us where she sees fit :)
      We really are totally unready - we just put our first real mini course together last night lol. I do think it will be fun!

  3. ahhhhh so exciting!!!! sounds like a really great lesson too - i love EC's approach and it clearly seems to be working for both of you. have fun with the homework :)

    1. Yes, I really like how she is like "NBD, you've got this!" even during some really less than stellar efforts. I have a funny feeling I could put some really over the top crazy goal out there and she'd just nod and get us started on it.

  4. Eeee! Good luck on your show! That cute little pony face will make sure that you have a good time!