Monday 14 September 2015

Good Girl

I realize updates on Ms Gingersnap have been few and far between - sorry, I have just been so busy!

To recap, she went to visit an acquaintance of mine in the city at the end of August. Said friend is a very capable rider/coach/trainer and all around good person. Someone had mentioned her name to me as a person to contact and I'm so glad they did! I got in touch with her right away because I knew she would be perfect for Ms Ginger. Luckily, she had room at the end of August and agreed to take Ginger on for some refresher training and potential resale.

As predicted, Ginger attempted convince everyone she was feral for the first week or so, but has apparently started to settle in and has been doing pretty well. In trainer's words "she's now decided running away from everything is hard and that she can actually be quite brave about the world when she wants to be" Sounds like Ginger to a T - once she trusts you and knows you're serious it's all good :)

She's been great about sending updates and pics, but unfortunately most of them feature kids giving Ginger treats and kisses and while Ginger obviously loves that, the pics are not something I'd feel OK sharing on the internet without knowing the kids in question.

Last night she posted some FB pics of a trail excursion I don't think she'd mind me sharing here. I love that she gets the horses out for some fun outings now and then to break up the routine. Enjoy! :

Where are we?!
Probably wishing she could go play in the water
Bridges are no big deal
Love the looks of these trails - also I miss those ears.
Apparently, there are some potential buyers coming to see the big mare this week. I'm torn - I'd love to see it work out, but it will be a very sad day for me if and when she does move on to a new owner.


  1. Sounds like you found a great fit for a trainer for her!

    I would be torn too. Trust your gut and the trainer :)

    1. I'm going to. Trying not to overthink it :)

  2. hard to think of potential buyers right now, i get it completely. sounds like she's in a great place tho!

  3. Looks like the big mare is doing well! Yay!