Thursday 24 September 2015

Keeping Positive

Last night was lesson night, again!

I've been really struggling this week with being way too overtired. I leave my place early and get home late and am busy, busy, busy all the time in between. So, it's incredibly frustrating that when I finally get to bed the sleep just won't come!
I re-read this the other night, so at least something productive happened!

Unfortunately I feel like I took a bit of the effects of that to the barn last night. I caught myself being a bit short with people I normally have patience for. Sleep deprivation for the win in not putting up with any BS :)  Normally, I would be annoyed but friendly, but meh, no energy left for that nonsense, just leave us alone please and thank you. While part of me is fine with it given one person's history of rude/annoying comments, the other part is feeling like it's not characteristic of me to be rude back to people and I need to address my crazy schedule and get back to a happier place.

Bridget was also in a mood and being incredibly rude, so we had a little intervention and a reminder of basic pony manners. EC says Midge is hanging out with the boss mare in the herd right now, and it's getting to her head :) I also have to consider the possibility she was feeding off my energy.

As far as the lesson, I felt super incompetent riding wise. S was yelling instructions that made all the sense in the world mentally, but physically my body just kept on doing whatever weird/crazy thing it was it was doing. And of course rude/annoying person had to come watch and nod their head along with coach's instruction. There was very nearly some real barn drama to report when I noticed that LOL.
Did anyone but me watch this crazy show a few years ago? At the time the stereotype barn drama characters made me cringe. Now though, I do smile a little inside when I meet their real life counterparts. Thank goodness our barn is also full of polite and adorable kids to counteract the (honestly quite small) bit of adult drama.

The lesson didn't actually go that badly - lots of good things happened, more good than bad. The trot work was great, we cantered some 20m circles to the right which is always an accomplishment, and the left lead transitions weren't too bad even though I couldn't keep her on much of anything resembling a 20m circle. We're still climbing our way back up the progress graph to where we were a month or so ago, but such is life with green ponies (and adults who also have a day job).

I'm feeling a bit 'meh' about our upcoming dressage weekend - I feel like there's going to be some serious struggles going on and part of me is just looking forward to having it over and done with. We've been promised a break from dressage in the form of lots of jumping lessons if we can just survive the next few days!

And, to end on an even happier note, our girl's weekend to the big horse expo is all organized. It'd not for a few weeks yet, but I'm pretty excited to watch the Jim Wofford clinics and also the clinics with the author of the above book. Of course, there will also be much shopping there. Sounds like fun to me!


  1. Aww man I so watched it! The barn is not very far from where I live. I just wanted to slap Megan silly... except she is bigger than me and would probably kick my ***.

    And the front leg stretch.... ha don't do it! I used to always stretch Paloma out before our rides, she even asked for it with grunts.
    Until.... Paloma got a Charlie horse leg cramp and hobbled around on three legs for what felt like an hour... but was only 20 seconds I am sure.

  2. you guys can totally 'survive' the next few days - i think you'll have a great dressage weekend, made even more sweet by lots of jumping in the future!!! also i get really irrationally crabby about rude/annoying ppl too (even when i *know* i should just ignore it).... ugh

  3. Good luck!!! Hopefully it'll wear you out so you can get some sleep!

  4. Wow! We always seem to be in sync with these things! I was also feeling a little out of it/crabby, Katai was rude and fussy, and we had a very Meh ride where some things went great but others REALLY didn't. Unfortunately I also chose last night to film our progress so the resulting video isn't making me feel good today.

    Ponies have to be the best for keeping us humble ;)