Monday 21 September 2015


Good things come in threes, right?

I got a fun surprise hidden in with my tack at the barn last week - apparently Midge and I somehow won a prize to go with our ribbon at our recent attempt to be hunters.

We were somehow reserve champion of...something? Not sure but guessing entries = 2 ;)

 Then, I got to work this morning and there were these great socks sitting on my desk:

Swag from an IT conference, boss picked up and thought they might be good for riding? Yes, thank you. I am the only one here excited about socks lol :)

Now, at lunch I sit and read blogs...and I won a contest from No Hour Wasted! I've been coveting one of Beka's bracelets for a while now, and thanks to awesome bloggers, one is going to be mine!

Beyond excited, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Superstitious me is of course hoping that doesn't mean my luck has run out for our dressage tests this coming weekend, because if our recent struggles are any indication, things could get....interesting come Saturday. To give you an idea of my level of confidence, the ride times were posted today and I read them over with relief: somehow my entry had been lost! Then the anxiety came, because there was my name..last of the day, but most definitely there. At least I will have great socks, and further need of a motivating bracelet?

Important paperwork to read over. Pretty sure some edits need to be made, like removing the right lead canter part entirely. Can I have a reader, please...conveniently carrying a lunge whip and standing at A? ;)



  1. I love socks. But only really wear super thin ones normally. I have about 500 pairs... Not really but a lot!

  2. Woo, all kinds of fun stuff! Not a bad way to start the week, maybe it will just keep flowing that way :)

  3. I wish my Monday went like that!

  4. yay congrats on winning all the swag!!! and you guys are gonna be great for the test - that right lead canter is only one movement of many :)