Wednesday 7 May 2014

Weekday Lesson

After a couple of weeks of too-darn-busyness I managed to make it back to ride on a weeknight.

I was so happy I did, because we got to ride outside! I'm not making any comments about the weather or announcing spring finally here in hopes of not jinxing the weekend or at this rate, summer. You're welcome :)

Look! It really happened! (Although the jumps were moved down about a foot :)
Riding to the ring...outside! lol
I think the horses were in a state of disbelief as well, they all seemed just a little more 'up' and interested in their jobs. Even my buddy Splash was a rock star and moving out with virtually no nagging. I'd like to say I somehow worked a miracle, but I think we can blame a couple of days off and the novelty of the outdoor ring. It's probably safe to say this time next week he'll be back to seeing just how slow life can be :)

So not much to say beyond that, little dude was amazing - nice and forward, rocked the course, only adding on one line, and even threw in a couple of sweet changes. The engine was working in overdrive and we even got some nice round dressage-y moves between fences. He was totally into it and we both had a blast. A normal day at the office for most, but quite extraordinary for the Splash man and yours truly.
Green grass is still a rare and special treat

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