Saturday 31 May 2014

Some (small) Decisions to Make

Turns out the barn is not offering lessons through the summer since the coaches will be away competing and they run summer camps the other weeks. I'm not sure how I missed that memo! They took pity on me and said I could come on most Wednesdays for a group lesson, but the available time right after the kids camps essentially means I'd have to take the afternoon off work. I really love the lesson horses there, so I'd like to, but financially it makes zero sense since I am just contract and don't get any paid time off. My work has already been really flexible with my time so I can make it to my current Wednesday lessons and have a less painful commute the rest of the week, so I hate to ask for more. I'm scouting the area to see if any other barns are offering lessons during the summer. I could also possibly do a lease for the summer and ride that way - I may know someone, but the finances involved in that with my limited time to ride seem a little prohibitive unless I can find something very close to where I live. Option 3 is to save my money for Ginger (or lets be real, some of that sweet gear I saw at the show last weekend). I'll be done here and home again soon enough. The downside to that of course, is I am concerned that time out of the saddle will set me back - it's only been the last couple of months that I've really got my confidence back and I feel like I am at a really good place at the moment.
Only 10 more weeks and I'll be back home and in the saddle there :)
I do have a lesson this afternoon and a couple of weeks of riding on my current schedule left, so I have a bit of time to think it over. I'm a little teary eyed at the thought of leaving such fabulous horses in the rearview. I'm such a softie, even the ones I pretend not to like so much have wormed their way into my heart :) Good lesson horses seriously deserve way more appreciation in the real world. 


  1. Oh no, that sucks. Hopefully you can find another lesson barn so you can keep riding! I know for me anything more than a week or two off makes me completely miserable!

    1. I'm the same, so I think I'm going to have to figure something out...