Saturday 24 May 2014

Horses Always Know

I unfortunately didn't get time to ride when I was home. I was really frustrated by that. It was supposed to be my vacation after all, and I had visions of spending time on the deck drinking blender drinks, watching the boats go by, then heading to the barn for afternoon trail rides with friends. It ended up the opposite, with very little time alone with G, and no time to myself, leaving me feeling like I wanted a vacation from my vacation. Not to mention I didn't overly want to come back here to work either. So, to say I was in a rotten and depressed mood as I visited Ginger prior to my flight out might be being generous :) Ginger must be growing up (or at least growing used to me), because in the old days she would have steered well clear of anyone with that kind of emotion brewing beneath the surface. That day, however, she came up from the field on her own and stood next to me, softly leaning her body into me, giving me what I equate as the horsey version of a hug. We stood leaning into each other like that for a few minutes, and it was hard not to feel completely at peace and comforted.  She's not usually very outgoing or affectionate, so it was all the more surprising. She's such a special girl, and I can only hope she understands that I've got her back too.

Looking so good!

Again, those dapples...I wish they stayed year round
I had a good ride today at the lesson barn, but to save you from reading the longest blog post ever, I'll post about it in a day or two. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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