Tuesday 20 May 2014

Going With The Flow

It's been a wonderful vacation, but I've really not done many of the things I planned to do - most notably, spending tons of time with Ginger. I underestimated all the social commitments and general "keeping my life in order" type stuff a trip home involves. The past few days have been non stop and it's been tough for G and I to even fit enough quality time in. I visit Ginger daily, but it's been limited to grooming and stuffing her with treats. I'm having some serious horse withdrawals :(

 That being said, the weather has been absolutely beautiful and the west coast scenery is at it's best. I don't want to leave home ever again!

G and I spent quite a bit of time checking out properties and looking for just the right one. We're nearly impossible clients because G wants oceanfront and I want horses. And we're not millionaires :) We found a few nice places, but this morning I woke up and it just didn't feel right - I'm so happy with where Ginger is boarded it seems silly to make compromises on location or construction in order to afford horse friendly acreage. So, we've come to the conclusion that unless we find the perfect beach house, we're going to spend money renovating our existing house. I'll board (and yes, the verdict is a second horse will join our little family as well in the fall). 

Besides, I think Ginger would hate me if I moved her from current location:

I'm hoping to fit in a short ride in the morning before my flight out tomorrow afternoon.



  1. Ginger is looking so pretty!! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry I'm taking so long to reply to comments - I do appreciate them :)