Wednesday 19 March 2014

Spring!? Where?

Sometimes being an adult kind of sucks. We're under snow warnings right now while G is at home in BC contemplating mowing the lawn. I want to pack my bags and head home (Not to mow the lawn though, I'm thinking more go ride Ginger on the beach and then hang out on the deck with a daquiri and watch G mow the lawn. I'd maybe even be useful and put a couple of beers in the fridge for G)

This is in G's neck of the woods this week. Hope you're not planning on swimming!
(Killer whales are hunting porpoises super close to shore)
Long story short, I didn't ride tonight. The weather forecast made me nervous for the drive home from the barn. Also, this working for a living thing involved being in meetings all day. I am an insomniac, and I can tell you right now there is money to be made by recording certain business meetings and selling those recordings as a sleep aid :)

We did discuss a bit of this at our meeting. Parks + horses has my vote as a very good thing.
Also since I am working for parks, a weekend riding in the Rockies is on this summer's bucket list. Can I pretend it's work related? So much better than swimming in orca infested oceans, right G? :)

Next lesson is Saturday. Welsh Cob breeder had to cancel last weekend, so I'm hoping she'll be up for a visit this coming weekend. The tack store is having a sale on Saturday as well. I'm currently HATING my Mountain Horse field boots. So, so pretty when I was using them as my 'good' boots. I am sad to say that the love affair has come to an end. They are incredibly, uncomfortably, unwilling to break in as everyday riding/barn boots. I keep thinking just one more ride and they'll break in and be awesome like my old pair, but no, they just make bigger blisters and make me walk like a robot since the ankle will not move and they come up about an inch behind the backs of my knees and WILL NOT DROP. I'm going to do the sane thing and buy some half chaps to ride in for now so my body heal from the damage done from walking the whole 100' or so from the barn to my truck the other night in those stupid boots.


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  1. Grr, I have the same problem with my Ariat boots. Had them over 2 years now and they are still just a hair too tall. Glad you have more sense than me when it comes to your nice boots!