Saturday 29 March 2014


G is currently visiting and I was SO excited for him to meet Checkers and see how well the lessons are going. But, as is the way, we got to the barn and I had a new horse assigned to me AND a new instructor. I was pretty disappointed about Checkers, but since I am a horse crazy kid trapped in an adult's body, I grew fond enough of the new guy pretty quickly (sorry, Checkers!)

"Splash". He's pretty similar to Ginger as far as build goes, but of course his head is much more "noble". He's super cute.
Any time in the saddle is good time, but this lesson was pretty basic and not overly challenging. The instructor was excellent, but it has to be difficult to step in with all new students and horses for just an hour. I feel like she was keeping things pretty conservative and safe while she got an idea of where we're all at. Splash, while totally adorable, is not my favorite horse to ride. He likes to hang a little behind your leg and try to evade you by acting spooky and bulging those big shoulders if you don't keep him forward enough. He wasn't bad, per say, I think I just prefer a more naturally forward ride. He was going pretty nicely by the end of the lesson though, so I'll still give him the benefit of the doubt - it could just be a case of us both getting used to each other. I love his build and height and he feels 'right' size wise when I sit on him - cobby is good!

All in all, if I ruled the world, I would keep the instructor, but ride Checkers (who I would fit with bionic joints so she can stay sound and happy forever :)


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  1. Behind the leg is the worst, though it's good for most lesson horses. Bummer that you got moved off of Checkers, though it's good for you to ride multiple horses, as I'm sure you know. Says the person who hasn't ridden anything but Connor in over two years!