Tuesday 4 March 2014

All Signed Up!

Today, I figured out how to get my commute to work down to an hour, didn't make a fool of myself while at work, AND I found the grocery store on the way home. Yay me! Also, more importantly,  I'm scheduled for a riding lesson this Saturday!

I've signed up to take a couple of lessons a week at a hunter/jumper barn. Trust me, I was super tempted to look into some of the absolutely amazing dressage barns around here, but I feel like my formal experience over fences is really lacking. ( Truly, I haven't quite given up the dream of being all awesome like CobJockey and eventing Ms Gingersnap). Also, Spruce Meadows isn't that far away from here.... (ha ha). In reality, rather than planning my grand entrance in the international ring, the conversation went more like this:

Instructor Lady: "What sort of experience do you have?"
Me: "I'd guess I'm a solid intermediate rider on the flat, but I'm pretty novice when it comes to jumping"
Instructor Lady: " Do you mind riding with kids?"

I'm a giant kid anyway, so I'm not deterred in the slightest. There really aren't any instructors local to me on the coast with any sort of credentials to teach jumping, so this is my big opportunity to get some legit instruction on a regular basis. I'm also hoping jumping lessons will get me out of my dressage-trail rider comfort zone and help me to accumulate a healthy serving of riding courage.

Also...I may or may not have found a Welsh Cob breeder about a half hour from my home. Is a visit in order? Oh yes, I think so! (G - better lock down that bank account while you still can! :)

Updates (with pictures!) this weekend, I promise.



  1. Yes I think you should visit the breeders :)

  2. Visit the breeder!!! Website? I'm always interested in seeing peoples' breeding programs, and I haven't yet found a Welsh Cob breeder that doesn't know Connor's breeder. Small world!

    1. Here's her website:
      She's busy this weekend, so I'm going to visit next weekend. She seemed like a very nice lady on the phone and I'm pretty excited to meet her ponies :) Hopefully the weather is decent and I can get lots of photos for you!