Saturday 28 December 2013

Life Updates/General Ramblings

Ginger is unfortunately not coming this weekend - the hauler couldn't find anyone else to share the ride so we're hopefully going to see her next weekend instead. Otherwise I've told G we're buying another horse to bring so the hauler will just make the trip already. Yes, I am feeling super impatient.

I had an update on Lainey over Christmas and she continues to do really well - they just sent a quick note and video. I'm guessing it's a 3'6" jump course and they look fabulous. I won't lie, I was a teeny bit jealous and had a little pity party, thinking of all the hard work I put in training her and the big dreams I had, then thinking of how I don't even have a horse to ride at the moment. Then I was back to reality and thought of the many many lessons and training rides they've also taken to get where they're at. There's always so much hard work behind those impressive videos. I miss her and her crazy mare attitude, but selling her to such a great home was the best decision.

Older pic of them having fun trying her out :)
I'm wondering what Ginger's going to think of coming from the land of winter and knee deep snow to the land of people walking their dogs in T-shirts and shorts. She'll probably have to spook at their crazy selves for a bit ;)

We had a nice lead up to Christmas with a few days in Banff. It was a nice way to break up the drive, especially with winter road conditions being what they are. It's so incredibly beautiful there - I would live there in a heartbeat given the opportunity and a billion dollars to buy a home there with room for Ginger.
View from Sanson Peak looking over Banff AB. Elevation about 7200ft. Named after Norman Sanson who apparently rode his horse up there over 1000 times for weather readings in all conditions. We hiked a little of it and those horses (and Mr Sanson!) must have been TOUGH.

We have a couple of places booked to go look at with a realtor mid week. One is a cute little 5 acre hobby farm type place with direct access to the best trails for Ginger and I. For G, it's walking distance to his favorite little restaurant/pub. I like the restaurant too, because they have a safe area to tie your horse while you come in for a bite :) The second place is the same farm we've been mulling over for months now, the 12 acre one with a huge barn but no house. It's only about a ten minute drive from our current house, so there would be no hurry to build if we wanted to wait. I'm not super excited right now, because I think we're both quite picky and happy enough where we are. It's going to be a bit of an ongoing thing, I think, until the right place finally jumps out at us. (Basically, don't get too excited yet, but it's always fun to look at horsey properties, right? :)


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