Sunday 8 December 2013

Christmas Wish List

Since it's the season for gift giving, here's what I'd get if was going to play Santa to myself and Ginger (and wasn't already getting the best Christmas ever by going home to my honey AND my pony!!)

1. Boots for both Ginger and myself. As mentioned previously, I really covet a pair of brown riding boots for myself. I still haven't taken the plunge because I have perfectly good black ones that refuse to die :) Ginger, however, has NO BOOTS AT ALL - poor poor deprived pony :(. I think I might be the only person I know who doesn't own any sort of leg protection for my horse beyond some really snazzy purple polos from when I was about 12 and the usual vet wrap and bandaging supplies for injuries.

2. A nice leather halter for Ginger. I've looked around and not been overly successful finding something that fits her right and is nice quality. Her head is a bit funny. Imagine an Arabian head on steroids and that's what we're trying to fit. Big oversized forehead and jowl, normal horse sized cheek pieces, and probably a cob sized nosepiece. She's also a delicate princess so no cheap, stiff leather that will rub her face.
Ginger with her old halter. Lainey broke it the ONE time I tried to dress her up nice for pictures. Sibling rivalry? ;)

3. A tack trunk. I've never had one since I had my horses at home forever and just had room set aside in the basement and my own little tack room in the barn. I'm thinking something simple and classy to hold Ginger's basics. This could be a DIY project once I am home and am reunited with my power tools.

4. As mentioned on a previous post, an oversized browband to match the bridle that matches her saddle.
This browband in OS to go with her otherwise normal sized bridle.
 ---><--- LOOK HERE, G!

5. Waterproof winter riding pants. If I could find a pair that are actually waterproof but NOT super slippery I'd be a pretty happy girl. Ginger would also be happy to have a waterproof quarter sheet. West coast weather means that I am riding in the rain more often than not, so more often than not, we both end up with cold and wet hind ends. Not a nice feeling :)
V Bandz Water Proof Quarter Sheet.
A random Google search turned this up. While the pink is pretty bold, I love the idea of it being high viz and reflective because I have a short hack along a somewhat busy road to get to the main ring and back.



  1. Love the plug for G, haha! I definitely vote for DIY'ing your tack trunk, for obvious reasons.

  2. Oh tack trunks! Can't live without mine.