Wednesday 4 December 2013

5 Day Challenge: Day 5

21. Favorite classes to watch

Some of the big jumper classes are so fun to watch. It's inspiring, but so far beyond me that I don't guilty like I should be at home practicing or frustrated that I'm not at that level. Eventing and Dressage are both my actual favorites, but there's a little bit of the 'I wants' involved when I watch those, so I enjoy them best when I feel like I'm in a good place riding wise and can actually put some of the things I see and like to good use in my own riding :) I have a friend who does combined driving and the one show I attended was amazing!
Grand Prix at TBird, Aug 2013

22. What’s in your cooler at horse shows?

Mikes Hard Lemonade to share after a hot day. Tons of water for me, apples and carrots for me and my horse, and usually a few cookies or treats to keep G happy. For actual meals, I'm usually too nervous to eat and G loves hot dogs. I will never cook them for him, so he's actually very happy to fend for himself and hit the food stands at shows  ha ha

23. One thing about showing (or riding in general) you wish you could change?

At shows- my nerves. Those should be in my control to change. In general and a wish more beyond my control? The cost, and the relatively small number of people involved. I wish horses as a hobby were more accessible to everyone and more of a mainstream sport - less of an 'exclusive' world.

24. Your ringside crew

Greg. He's the best.

25. Best prizes

I love prizes! I once got a nice show photo of us, another time some nice brushes with my horses name on them for our year end awards. Horse treats and gift certificates are great too, as are coffee mugs and horse or human clothing with the show/barn logo. I might be the only person I know who doesn't go for ribbons and trophies. I don't really have a place to put them so I prefer something practical I can use. Maybe once I have a barn large enough to house a nice tack room I'll put some of those ribbons on display and get a little more excited about them.

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