Thursday 13 June 2013

Wild Weather

We're back to that time of year when it's warm and sunny all day. Yay - take that, Pacific Northwest! But, since life is never perfect, almost every evening the clouds roll in. If we're lucky, it rains a bit. If we're not so lucky, there's some thunder and lightning to go with the wind and rain. And if we're really unlucky, there's always the chance of a tornado.

Yesterday, there were tornado warnings in place and some serious storm activity. I was quite relieved Ginger is safe and sound in BC aka the land of moderate weather.

Here's a photo from yesterday, and a little over an hour away from me:


Last year when the horses were here with me, I spent many hours checking weather forecasts and tracking storms, worried about the girls out in their big open pasture. At least around here, the usual practice is to have the horses out 24/7. If you pay for stall board, your horse will come in at night in the winter, but otherwise they're out with everyone else. It's actually difficult to find a boarding situation where there is any shelter available beyond trees or a windbreak fence. I'm pretty sure the horses are happy with that, but yesterday I was again wondering just how safe it is when the weather is truly horrible.

A quick Google search shows a whole lot of people whose horses have died from lightning strikes and wind storms. So sad. The consensus seems to be split, though. In the barn they're trapped inside should anything happen, but out in the field they're unprotected from lightning and blowing debris.

I think I'd be happiest if the horses had a run in shelter, similar to what we use on the coast. Then they could make the judgement call themselves. I think I would add a gate on the front to lock them in if needed though, i.e if a fence got damaged.

What's your opinion?

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