Friday 14 June 2013

I Miss Ginger

I just texted my honey: "I miss Ginger". Which was shortly followed by: "and you"
Thank goodness he gets it (and misses Ginger too).

It's been a long long time since I was last "horseless". No matter how rational I try to be about this ("Hey, Self, you're saving money you can use for lessons/clinics/shows next year. Or a bigger down payment on property. Besides, you don't have time right now to keep Ginger in work. She needs more than a couple of rides a week. And remember how the vet said it wasn't a bad idea for her to have some time off? Check out the weather here lately, poor pony would be miserable! Six months away really isn't much in the grand scheme of things!") the emotional side of me just wants a giant pony hug like only Ginny can give.

I'm still dragging my heels and haven't signed up for lessons here. I know it would be the smart thing to do, bettering my riding and all that, but without my partner in crime it's hard to get overly excited. I used to be the girl at the barn that would ride anything, anytime. I'm having trouble getting back to that frame of mind. On the brighter side, once my contract here is over, I'm contemplating spending a month with Ginger at a trainer friend's place to get us back in the game together. Now THAT would be something to get excited about :) We'll see where life takes us a few months from now. I've had an amazing job offer here but I suspect I'll be following my heart and returning home with Ginger (and G!) ;)



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    1. Very sound advice :)

      It's been fun playing successful career woman, but I'm looking forward to getting back to being that girl who's poor, but happy, and appreciates every second of it. Such a cliche, but life really is too short!