Sunday 2 June 2013

Little Ginger

I've been cleaning up my photo files and found some of the pictures I saved of Ginger from when she was just about 2. I can't believe that was already over 4 years ago! I was living out on the coast at the time, with Lainey and a little chestnut Quarter Horse named Rusty hanging out in my back field. Both were fairly new to life under saddle and it felt like a full time job keeping them both ridden regularly enough to progress their training. I had goals of getting Lainey out to some shows, and getting the ever insecure Rusty safe enough find a home as someones trail buddy. So, when I came across photos from a semi local breeder of a young but absolutely gorgeous little Welsh Cob mare, I knew it wasn't the right timing. Still, I uncharacteristically saved the pictures and dreamt of one day having the time and space for her. The ad eventually disappeared and I put it out of my mind, even after Rusty sold on. Little did I know 2 years later I'd be doing research to put a value on another horse for sale and come across another ad for a horse that I had the same reaction to. Funny thing was, it turned out the color of the horse had changed, and the location of the horse was completely different, but the horse itself was the same, the wonderful Gingersnap. Since G is the most generous man in the world, he recognized love at first (and second!) sight and arranged for the funds to purchase Ginger and sent her out to Alberta with Lainey, 2 years ago today. Am I spoiled? Oh yes! Do I have any regrets for just going with my heart and adding another horse to my life, sight unseen? Never!

Small Ginger:

Shortly after arriving into my life for real:

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  1. Aw that is cool. I wish I had younger pictures of Rosemary.