Wednesday 19 June 2013


Thanks so much to Nicole of Equinpilot for nominating Ginger's blog for a Liebster award!

Since I'm pretty late to the party and the blogs I love have been nominated a billion times already, I'll just go ahead and tell you 11 random facts about me and answer Nicole's 11 questions. At the end of this post, I've included links to some pretty awesome bloggers that aren't already listed on my "Rainy Day Reading" in the sidebar to your right. If you're not familiar with any of them, I'd encourage you to check them out, they're all great blogs with gorgeous horses and wonderful people.

So, without further adieu, my 'acceptance speech' ;)

11 Things You don't Know About Me

1. I'm seriously ADD when it comes to careers. Education wise, I went to university to be a vet, then changed my mind and geared towards a career in Forestry. Then, years later, I went back and graduated again, this time specializing in GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

2. On the same subject, I've held jobs ranging from a vet tech to a provincial park ranger to an operator at a paper mill to barn manager, and now as a GIS/CAD Tech. And I'm not that old :)

3. I'm a vegetarian. Which is totally A-OK on the west coast, but a bit of a challenge here in cattle country.

4. I'm allergic to just about everything, horses included.

5. I'm really short. 5'2" with my boots on. And G is just about 6'5". It's a bit ridiculous.

6. I have a love of architecture and design. I really want to design and build my own house (and barn!) one day.

7. I'm pretty serious about living in the moment and enjoying every day like it could be your last. (also relates to the above multiple career choices. If I'm not happy or if I'm bored I don't tend to stick it out. One day I hope to grow up and be a responsible adult :)

8. I love classic cars (and trucks). The truck I bought 2 years ago to handle the prairie winters is the first new-ish vehicle I've ever owned.

9. While I think they're super cool, I have a fear of sharks (and killer whales). A couple of years ago, I caved into the pressure and I swam in the ocean in Mexico. Something big bumped into me. I got out ASAP. My friends mocked me. The next week we were back in Canada and on the news it said there were numerous shark attacks in the area and I think two deaths AT THE SAME BEACH. So I stick to swimming pools and lakes.

10. I love hiking and mountain biking. If I wasn't so into horses (and currently living where there are no mountains!), I think I could really get into downhill mountain biking.

11. I’m scared of flying. I’m usually so nervous I’m physically ill before long flights. Yet I love travelling. You probably don't want to be my travel buddy. Let's just meet at the destination ;)

 11 questions from Nicole:
1. Did you find your horse(s) or did the horse(s) find you?
My horse found me. I was looking through online ads to set a price for a horse I was selling and fell in love with Ginger’s photo and eventually bought her sight unseen (except videos). Exactly what you’re not supposed to do J But it’s worked out quite well.

2. What is the most unusual item in you tack trunk or barn?

I really don’t own any unusual tack – I just ride in a snaffle bridle and my stubben saddle.
My barn at home has lots of cool old windows and doors stored inside. I’ve been saving for fun pieces to incorporate when we build a new house. I guess that’s not super weird, but they do take up a lot of room!
3. Do you believe it is bad luck to change a horse's barn name?

Not really, but if I change it I try to stick with something similar so there isn’t too much confusion. I wouldn't change their registered name because there is usually some history attached to it.

4. What is your horse's favorite treat?
Ginger loves TUMS. The fruit flavored kind. She’s very polite so it was a bit of a surprise when she stole G’s tums right out of his hand because she wanted to try them so bad.

Lainey loved bananas!
5. Any unusual breed of horse you would ride if given a chance?

There is a local breeder who has Canadians, which are somewhat unusual. I love them and won’t rule out one of my own one day. I’ve also always admired Cleveland Bays, but they are a bit on the big side for me.
6. Do you cross train your horse (s)? If yes what other stuff do they do?

I love doing a bit of everything with my horses. I think it stops them from being bored and usually you can sneak in “work” on training issues regardless of what discipline you’re supposedly riding in. In the past couple of years we’ve tried reining, sorting cattle, trail rides, dressage, gymkhanas, jumping, english pleasure, and western trail.

7. If you had your own place what other animal(s) would you own?

Ducks. Probably the white ones. I love them, they’re so funny.

8. What was your inspiration to start riding or being involved with horses?

I really don’t remember – I’ve loved them since I was a little kid and always known it was something I wanted to do. When I was a kid a relative gave me $50 for Christmas. I remember not wanting to put it in the bank because at that time the Canadian $50 bill had a picture of the RCMP musical ride on the back and I really wanted to ride like them.

9. What is the worst horse's name (show, registered or barn) you ever heard?

I owned a mare who was registered as “An Impressive Trick”. It always bugged me and made me think of hookers lol

10. What happy moment riding you would want to repeat?

Any of the moments where we’re completely in sync or blast away any of my negative 'we're not ready for this' thoughts. I also really miss trail rides on the coast with my good friend M, she’s fabulous company and her horse and Ginger are buddies too.

11. What is a funny fact about your horse(s)?

Ginger is like a giant dog – she’s the first horse I’ve owned that waits at the gate and gets really excited to go out on trail rides. She will also walk herself next to you or lunge herself– you don’t actually have to hold the leadrope/ lunge line. The NH people at home think I really worked hard on my ‘liberty’ horse but she’s just like that.
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  1. Wow, I cannot believe she eats Tums, but Barry once ate a chicken nugget a little girl gave him so I guess you never know.
    I love the free lunging bit. Roscoe does that too.

  2. I love horses that act like giant dogs :)